Even prior to the COVID-19 crisis, construction site theft was an ongoing problem that blighted the industry, costing an estimated £800m per year. As expert problem solvers and troubleshooters, we design surveillance systems that cover all your bases. During the design process and even after installation-we’re here to serve as your security and surveillance partners. A major component of our design process is having an in-depth consultation. We understand you’re responsible for a streamlined and safe work environment, and surveillance concerns can cause major stress. If you have proprietary machinery or want to increase employee satisfaction, you can greatly benefit from a wireless surveillance camera system. All of these items have a resale value, whilst items such as fuel have an off-set cost value, making construction sites a highly profitable magnet for criminals. The excellent rapport we maintain with local law enforcement agencies allows us to work with them closely to optimize security on construction sites.

Fire Alarms This, coupled with the open nature of the construction sites make them an attractive as well as an easy target for thieves who will often be found returning to the same site to attempt further theft. Extensive and effective security measures must therefore be installed throughout a construction site wherever it may be, safeguarding property and reducing the risk of potential harm to the public. However, these systems are not suited for bigger and noisier sites, where it may be difficult to hear the alarm. Our construction security solutions include manned guards, CCTV cameras, alarm and monitoring systems. CCTV Alarm Systems have selected top of the range products that will keep your peace of mind that your property has a visible deterrent to burglars and staff offering HD protection. Our systems can be as simple as a few cameras for home security or a large, complex system customized for a business or educational campus. COMMERCIAL FIRE ALARM SYSTEMS FOR BUSINESS? These systems work to make your job easier. We come on-site to your operation to make sure we have exactly what you need for your project-whether you’re concerned about internal operations and insurance claims, or need clear, reliable video access to your work floor or break room.

And we can say this confidently because your system comes together in our build room where it is tested in exactly the way it will be used-before it’s installed at your facility. Choosing the right CCTV system for your needs is important, as is ensuring it’s installed by an experienced, professional CCTV specialist. According to the CCTV code of practice issued by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), you must have a legitimate reason for using CCTV cameras, taking special care as to not infringe on other people’s privacy and ensuring the safety of the recorded data. CCTV security and surveillance can be very complicated but here at 2MCCTV, we try to make it as simple as possible. When your surveillance is custom-fit to your facility, you can trust that you have the best setup and viewing angles possible. Every digital surveillance camera system setup we offer is custom-designed. We’re here to handle the surveillance issues that have been hanging over your head so you can focus on your primary duties.

Companies all over the greater Indianapolis area hire our crew. It is this high level service and our experience in the field of construction site security across Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Birmingham including the whole of the Midlands and beyond that has established us as the go-to company for numerous construction firms over the years. Our construction site fire alarms are ideal for where temporary installations where a hard wired fire detection is not feasible or not yet installed. The Tower Guard can be installed quickly in all terrains without the need for expensive infrastructure such as power, broadband and lighting, providing an affordable, semi-permanent security solution for your site. Ensure visitors are supervised at all times on site. Furthermore having so much cable on-site can be a danger if run at a low level or a challenge to install high enough so that they are out of the way of being damaged or not a health and safety issue. We want you to get the most out of our CCTV security systems! Because we map out all the specifics for your site, you can trust that you’re getting a locked-in project price for your decision-making process.