Adding to the difficulty of securing plant is the inherent lack of security measures plant comes supplied with. The threat of construction site theft is still a major problem, which is why securing any construction site should never be ignored. Theft of Materials – Items with high resale, particularly those with low amounts of traceability, will be targeted and sold on elsewhere in this country or another. With the large numbers of vehicles and people entering and exiting throughout the day, in addition to its complete abandonment at night, every construction site is at high risk of intrusion, theft and vandalism. Vandalism is often not easy to stop as certain sites such as construction sites are considered desirable as graffiti artists aim to put their ‘tag’ on unobtainable places. Conventional fire alarms are the absolute minimum requirement for most regulations. In section 25.2 it states that all fire alarm systems in commercial premises need to be tested weekly to ensure that there has not been any major failure, and that the fire alarm system is in working order. Secure cages and padlocked fuel caps are often ineffective and susceptible to brute force attacks, as such they need to be factored into a wider security plan of the site itself to deny thieves the opportunity.

The Tower Guard can be installed quickly in all terrains without the need for expensive infrastructure such as power, broadband and lighting, providing an affordable, semi-permanent security solution for your site. Often a more cost-effective solution to other security solutions. In this article, I will discuss some of the common requirements, challenges, and solutions for using a video surveillance system in an active construction job site. As such it’s vital construction sites take physical security seriously using methods like secure storage, CCTV, manned guards and perimeter detection systems to secure smaller non trackable inventory. When used in construction with other security systems they afford construction companies vital time until a mobile patrol driver or the police arrive. Nights or reduced further such as mobile patrol visits that work in conjunction with a 24/7 CCTV system. Our rapid-deployment CCTV Towers provide construction sites with security, Time Lapse Video filming and remote project management solution. Scaffolding – a resource often used by criminals to gain further access to property, all types of scaffolding, including scaffolding towers and ladders should be locked away when not in use. The Code provides valuable guidance for those specifying, designing, installing, commissioning and repairing temporary alarms systems, including those intended to protect void property.

Number of access points onto the scaffold – including the number of levels within an occupied or accessible building that lead onto the scaffold. While getting fire alarms you might want to think about a couple of points. However, if it is a real fire incident or the 3-minute timer elapses the Sounders in that zone only will operate. Wherever possible, add floodlights or lights with sensors that will switch on when a person moves through that area. With high excess costs a normal sight, construction companies will often defer claiming for smaller issues, but this leaves smaller firms with smaller budgets suspectable to claiming. Immobilisation devices are available relatively cheaply which, when combined with correct plant storage policies, can provide high levels of security. Security Dogs – Often deployed on sites with a high risk of trespassing, such as those with tower cranes. AI in CCTV cameras has improved security even further, facial recognition can be used to instantly match a provided photo to stored historic surveillance footage. This is how the commercial fire alarms have found a way in every building across the continent, i.e. schools, hospitals, shopping malls, cinema halls, hotels, etc. These are also mandatory in places where hazardous material is stored lest a fire can trigger further damage.

State Systems is a fire protection and structured cabling company serving Tennessee, Arkansas, and Mississippi. Increased Insurance Costs – If you experience a substantial break in which can’t be covered without insurance company assistance you can expect your insurance premiums to increase substantially over the next three years. Opens a potentially very difficult situation for any company without a properly secured site. There should be a number of construction site security measures in place to make opportunistic thieves think twice about attempting a breach. Plant Immobilisation & Tracking – Immobilisation & tracking tools used in conjunction with highly visible signage provides an effective deterrent as well assisting law enforcement in recovering stolen goods, reducing the profit criminal organisations can make. Cesar is a government, insurer and manufacturer supported scheme which uses Datatag ID technology coupled with a distinctive triangle warning sign in the hopes of recovering vehicles or as a deterrent. CCTV – Construction Site CCTV Systems provide 24/7 monitoring offering protection as well as advanced warning to any potential threats to a construction site. We want you to get the most out of our CCTV security systems! As you’ll probably realise by now there’s a vast range of security options for construction site security, using every solution would likely dig deep in to profits margins which we fully understand are major concerns.

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