Protect Your Construction Site or Vacant Property

If you’re looking for a way to protect your construction site or vacant property from unwanted guests, look no further than Detecter’s wireless battery-powered alarm system.

Construction sites and vacant properties are often at constant risk of theft and vandalism. The site is out of sight and out of mind for many who can easily forget the necessary security measures in place to protect it.

Find Your Perfect Security System

Your efficiency and profitability suffer as long as your site or property is threatened by crime and vandalism. You’re not only wasting precious time and money, but you’re also putting your reputation on the line.

With Detecter’s wireless battery-powered alarm system, you’ll be able to ensure the safety and security of your work site.

See What Happens on Your Site When You’re Not There

With our pioneered intruder detection alarm system, you’ll be able to know:

  • Who was on your premises?
  • Where was their point of entry?
  • What areas did they visit while on-site?
  • When did they enter and leave your property?

Our wireless systems have the answers and solutions to all of these questions.

If you want to protect your site from vandalism, theft, or even fire, our temporary wireless alarm system can keep you on top of and keep you in the know about what’s happening on your site.

Why We’re The Best

We offer installation services all over the UK. No minimum hire period. Our wireless intrusion detection systems are the most sophisticated and highly affordable product on the market. Our systems are 100% wireless, battery-powered, and use a 2G/3G sim card.

We can install up to 24 sensors on a single site, which works over a span of 5km, and is tailored to your exact needs, requirements, and circumstances.

Detector’s battery-powered integrated detection and Camera wireless system is perfect for nighttime surveillance, as well as gives you a clear view of your site throughout the day.

The Camera includes:

  • Infrared LEDs are perfect for illuminating dark areas.
  • Short video clips are sent to a remote monitoring centre.
  • Enhanced visual verification can alert you of suspicious activity.

We Get To Know Your Site Before Installation

We want to get to know your site and your needs, so we can give you the best product and service we can. Therefore, before installation, we undertake an extensive on-site survey while taking the time to understand your security needs and what you want our security systems to achieve.

On-site surveys are an inexpensive way for us to know what you think and how we can help you with your needs.

Learn More About Temporary Wireless Alarm

We install Detecter to construction and vacant properties across the UK. Detecter systems can be installed anywhere since they are connected wirelessly. All you need is a 2G or 3G system, so you don’t have to worry about phone lines or internet services.

This product offers you a way to control your environment, eliminate false alarms, and security if your premises has faced intruders, vandalism or any type of issue or crime. In addition, our temporary wireless alarm works in harsh environments, no wires and no power cords are needed.

Get in Touch for A Quote Now!

Temporary security systems by Detecter allow you to take your time and invest in the most suitable security system for your site without any worries. Pinpoint potential threats before they turn into real problems by securing your property with Detecter, now.

Security is the foundation of any business. Make sure you protect yours. Get in touch for a quote now.