Based in Slough, Berkshire, but operating throughout the UK, Code 3 Security is proud to offer a flexible and effective security solution for your construction site. The construction security team are therefore responsible for designing a solution to account for any such potential breaches in internal security. At 1st Class Protection, we can assist you in construction site security methods, such as creating a storage area and by implementing an inventory list that will be strictly protected by our on-site security guards. It is also possible to choose the storage capacity. When taking sensible measures, protecting a construction site out of hours is perfectly possible. The UK’s Security and Resilience Industry Suppliers Community (RISC) recommends construction sites install site perimeter security of at least 2.4 metres high. Many sites holding valuable assets, from plant machinery to building materials and supplies. By adding the authentication procedure to your site based inductions, they also act as a valuable health and safety control – ensuring only personnel who have received their full induction may enter the site. With a variety of perimeter fencing options available, finding the right fit for your site is essential for ensuring the risk of unauthorised entry, theft and vandalism are minimised.

All patrol routes, site risks, perimeter boundaries and any other potential ‘hot spots’ are identified through the survey; actions are proposed, agreed upon, and implemented. We will also take measures to prevent vandalism and stop children and other unauthorised people from entering the site and placing themselves in potential danger. Once the video clip or image of any potential threat has been submitted to the monitoring station for verification, the relevant key holders can be contacted to respond. Our construction security solutions include manned guards, CCTV cameras, alarm and monitoring systems. Construction site security has always been challenging. Don’t be an easy target – While most of our general Construction Signs are aimed at reducing the chances of an accident occurring, Construction Site Security Signs are there to inform those who want steal from or vandalise your property, that there are consequences to doing so. We can also introduce gatehouse security to control access to your construction site by employees, contractors and visitors and handle deliveries. Graffiti can be beautiful and provide great artistic merit, but not when it is unwanted and on a construction site you are working on!

Temporary Construction Security Protect your property and your people by making sure that the eyes and ears of your site are always in full working order. In order to prevent opportunistic criminals stealing your vital tools, you can implement a range of measures with Code 3 Security. Theft of expensive materials and equipment can disrupt business operations drastically and put a huge dent in your wallet! Due to the nature of the work, the sites store a lot of expensive plant equipment and high-value goods which are generally left there overnight to be used the following day. We resolve a variety of security situations on construction sites from the theft of materials, equipment and diesel to the safety concerns of children gaining access to the site. Construction sites reportedly have the highest number of workplace accidents across all industries, except for drilling and mining. Construction sites are, by their nature, temporary, but are also highly vulnerable to theft and vandalism, so any CCTV system will need to be monitored and the alarm raised when necessary. Our range of products are designed to keep construction sites and vacant properties safe and secure. Why Choose 1st Class Protection for Construction Security Services?

Yes, we do offer CCTV and security surveillance services which we are happy to discuss in more detail with you. At Farsight, we are experts in providing professional and bespoke security services for construction sites across the UK and have been providing bespoke domestic and commercial security solutions for over 20 years. Analog cameras have been around for years. Over our many years of offering bespoke security services, we have worked alongside a range of different companies. If not they might just be tempted to jump over and cut through. You might even use existing facilities. Construction security requires a rigorous entry system for anyone trying to gain site access but also within certain areas of the site where access might be restricted. We explore 5 of the most popular options used for construction site security. Every construction site is different with unique security needs. The role of construction site security is extremely important because your valuable assets will be nice and safe at all times, with an appropriate response being offered to any threat. As with any premises containing valuable assets, access control should play a key part in your site security plan.