There a number of challenges that make construction sites difficult to prepare for from a security perspective. What are the security threats for construction sites? In addition to the three major threats discussed above, there is a range of other security risks that construction sites face. Liability that occurs as a result of trespassing or criminal damage on inadequately secured construction sites. Any time that an unauthorised person enters the construction site and carries out any kind of criminal activity, it can present a safety and security threat. Making the site dangerous – of course, there is the slight danger of trespassers coming onto the site and potentially causing criminal damage and endangering life with arson. Prevent them from causing serious harm. The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Act 2005 states that following a risk assessment all temporary sites should have a functional detection and warning system in place. Mobile patrols can be highly advantageous for large construction sites. Indeed, construction is a huge and highly valuable industry that inevitably makes use of a large number of high-value materials, equipment, tools and machinery.

Large or complex systems must always have an electrical completion certificate and list of tests results completed. Fires during construction, whether accidental or via intentional arson, must be monitored at all times to protect the lives of workers and safeguard the building investment. According to figures from RISC Authority, more than 40% of all fires on construction sites are started deliberately. As per a survey conducted by the Chartered Institute of Building, about 21% of construction sites were a victim of theft every week. In the UK, theft costs the construction site industry in excess of £800 million every year. Our team can handle emergency response needs at your construction site. Additionally, fuel can be stolen, and even aspects of the construction damaged, which can lead to a need for duplication of labour. Your construction site can be monitored round-the-clock by an alarm-receiving centre that offers 24/7 surveillance, even when the site is closed, ensuring total peace of mind.

High fences, visible security cameras and even manned guards can act as deterrents to those who are thinking about it. Disruption of operations – it is not just the loss of materials and equipment, but also the disruption to the schedule of the construction that can be so costly. While we can’t control the weather, we can help prevent damage from you expensive machines, equipment, and materials. In an existing property it can be beneficial to reduce damage. However, the danger is actually more likely to come from the fact that thieves may damage equipment which makes it more dangerous to operate on the site. There can also be the challenge that if your work is held up by security and safety issues, it may not be possible to complete it on schedule. And what measures can be put in place to keep the site as secure as possible? Our security team will prevent trespassing by ensuring guards and protective methods are in place. This alert focuses on use of perimeter and local fencing and removal of ladders and use of ladder guards. Would alert people by blowing a whistle or ringing a church bell. No-one should be allowed to access the site via an open entrance; this goes for both people and vehicles.

Limits on access – it is essential that there should be a way to limit access to the site. There are no limits regarding fire alarms in terms of amount or how loud they are when going off. Our range of Wes fire alarms are the leading standard in interconnected temporary fire alarms. Fast Guard offers licensed and insured security services that are customized to the needs of your unique construction site. With quality security services in place, this is a situation you can avoid. When you don’t have to worry about damage, access control, theft, trespassing and other common issues, you and your staff can concentrate on getting the job done. During the 2012 Olympics Fire Systems Ltd, designed and installed a wireless fire alarm system for a camp site with temporary accommodation for the cleaning staff for the Olympic stadium. The members of the community would then work together to put out the fire.

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