On some sites, it might be obvious. BS 7909 does not cover temporary electrical installations for construction sites, construction sites are covered in BS 7671 section 704. BS 7909 covers temporary electrical systems for entertainment and related purposes. Our rapid-deployment CCTV systems provide construction sites with multi-application benefits, including theft prevention, Time Lapse Video recording and remote project management. If your CCTV is monitored you can expect your business insurance premiums to be reduced. Without efficient and comprehensive construction site security measures in place, sites can face thousands of pounds worth of loss and damage which can put a hold on work for weeks or months at a time, increasing costs, reducing business growth and creating a poor experience for the service user. If gates need to be kept locked, or barriers need to remain in place, make sure everyone knows. Temporary alarms can also be installed in almost any place, including where access is limited, such as narrow staircases or high ceilings.

Fire Alarms Ensure the site perimeter is secured with 2m high fencing to prevent access to children. Install barriers such as high kerbs, bollards or trenches. These types of barriers deter ram-raiding or vehicles trying to force their way on-site. Immobilise all vehicles and plant when out of use and left unattended. Never leave keys with mobile plant, equipment and vehicles. If you’re using expensive or valuable tools or equipment on your site, consider removing them from the property when they’re no longer needed. Whether you’re running a restaurant, managing a warehouse or a construction site, the CCTV system you have installed should reflect your particular needs. Construction sites store a lot of expensive plant equipment, materials and tools, https://www.detecter.co.uk/fire-systems/ especially overnight once construction staff have left for the day. When it comes to being adaptable, it’s also important to remember that many construction sites may lack fast and stable internet and some may even have inconsistent (or nonexistent) electricity access. You may have cameras that have not been assessed for optimal positioning.

If someone is injured on your site or by your work, you may have failed in your legal duties. Temporary electrical installations regulations may include BS 7671 and BS 7909 depending on the type and nature of the electrical installation or system. When you are planning a construction project, you are going to need to provide some temporary facilities. If a crime does occur, CCTV is guaranteed to ensure those responsible are caught and prosecuted to the full extent of the law by providing evidence. CCTV safety cameras are frequently obtainable as domes, bullets, and standard c-mounts. Search hundreds of health and safety documents ready to edit and download for your construction projects. As projects are built or as the landscape changes, so does the site. Site security must be well managed to avoid injury to members of the public. It goes without saying that all Adana Security Officers are appropriately SIA licensed, and fully trained in the use of the latest security technology, to ensure their utmost professionalism in every situation. Adana Security use the latest tamper-proof officer patrol and man-down systems, which allows our control centre to check on times of patrols carried out by our Security Officers.

Visible security presence and signage. Having a plan to adjust your security as times goes on will help solve these issues. Incidents on construction sites inevitably cause time-consuming delays effecting project completion times. To hush, all you have to do is push the button three times. The testing, inspecting and certification of temporary electrical systems (which are covered in the scope of BS 7909) require the producing and issuing of three different electrical certificates which consist of a Completion Certificate (G1 form), Schedule of Test Results (G2 form) and a Confirmation of Electrical Completion (G3 form). Physical detection systems such as the solutions outlined below often come at a reduced ongoing cost and prevent any threat to human life. With a great setup, CCTV safety systems can monitor up to 16 rooms and areas in your home, all the even though providing clear and highly visible photos. Most public areas and buildings have them installed as a legal requirement.