Now is the time to consider your construction site security. RF fire alarms have no need to be wired to the mains, this is a significant benefit when a system is being used on a construction site allowing for a marginal set-up time and no need to connect to a generator when mains power is not available. As we progress we are still implementing improvements in our approaches that have led to us creating our own unique systems. Small feet can still climb the exposed rungs. Whilst the camera may still require a cable to provide the power supply, depending on the model, a wireless CCTV camera system can still provide a convenient option for those unable or not wanting to install additional wiring. The RF alarm system has a rugged new enclosure to protect the fire alarm. In case of confusion, dont hesitate to seek advice from the fire division. Also, since these systems are manually operated, it may be difficult for someone to stay on the worksite to continually sound the alarm until complete evacuation in the case of a fire.

Temporary Fire Alarm Systems We also provide expert 24/7 Fire Watch services, also known as Waking Watch services, for any high-rise building, apartment blocks, commercial or vacant property. With Prime Secure remote monitoring services, your Cameras feeds are watched 24/7 by a team of security professionals, who’ll alert you (and the authorities) to any suspicious activity or behaviour on site. There is also the threat to human life and wellbeing when construction staff are threatened or harmed during burglaries or as a result of vandalism to the site. Where unauthorised access has been gained the result is often a fall from height. Securely locked keyless access gates that allow entry after a strict check by validating the user’s credentials is a suitable method to only allow authorised construction workers into the site. This is the first step in creating robust hybridized construction site security. Good construction site security and supervision are essential, especially in, for example, the last phase of a residential construction project when expensive materials and equipment are present on the construction site. Dedicated site security can be hired, though it will be another costly expense that increases the total price of the project. How do you prevent extra costs and delays in your project as the consequence of theft or vandalism?

Vavant Property Security As such, every year, the construction industry loses £400 million through theft, and approximately the same amount again through vandalism and fire, with around 40% (approximately 100,000) of all construction site fires being started deliberately (source: Aviva). Whether the scaffold is inside a construction site or on the public boundary. Whether the places that the scaffold abuts public areas are common areas or under controlled private ownership. For small scaffolds it is common practice for the builder to provide the bottom lift ladder and to take this ladder away each night. The fencing should be installed as the scaffold is built, lift by lift, which means either writing this into the scaffold contract or having a separate contractor working with the scaffolding contractor so that there is no lag between the scaffold going up and fencing being fitted. Theft is a constant concern for construction companies working on residential and commercial sites. Clients and contractors must ensure that any unauthorised access onto scaffolding is prevented, not just outside working hours, but also at times when workers are present but out of sight. Accordingly, contractors must take greater effort to ensure that the very young are not able to climb onto scaffolding.

Children are particularly tempted to climb. Gaps between gates and the ground and between fixed and moveable fencing should be minimised so that small children cannot climb through or under. Where stair towers are fitted to the scaffold, access at ground and other levels should be prevented by padlocked fence panels. Either stored securely in the compound (eg in a locked steel container) or padlocked to the scaffold horizontally at each end to deny use. The primary means of denial should be site perimeter fencing, but there may be a need for additional local fencing and routine removal of access ladders or use of locked guards or covers to make access ladders unavailable. Construction site security is critical as a money-saving step. Construction site security should always be taken seriously. Therefore, this safety alert is not aimed at preventing all urban adventurers, determined trespassers, vandals or opportunistic thieves from finding a way onto a construction site. However, crime detection leading to prosecution is not, thanks to CCTV safety systems. Ultimately however, there is no way to guarantee that an older or determined person cannot defeat security measures.

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