Our rapid-deployment CCTV Towers provide construction sites with security, Time Lapse Video filming and remote project management solution. Construction sites are common targets for criminals. Assets like machinery, wiring, tools, and many other goods are frequent targets for criminals. Criminals like to hide in the dark. Unfortunately, it becomes difficult for security guards to spot criminals in the dark. Every construction site is different with unique security needs. Adana offer a full Construction Site Security Service, ranging from Manned Guarding to the latest electronic and detection systems. Crays Fire have a vast experience in supplying and installing temporary Fire Alarm Systems for protecting Construction Sites, using the Electro Detectors range of radio based alarm and detection equipment. We resolve a variety of security situations on construction sites from the theft of materials, equipment and diesel to the safety concerns of children gaining access to the site. Each year a number of children are killed. Should your first line of construction site security not deter the offender, there should be a number of detection systems in place to identify a threat as quickly as possible and to provide evidence if needed if a police investigation ensues. A large number of alarm systems can be programmed to be able to alert any nearby fire department belonging to the danger as well.

In recent times, many site owners have started making use of temporary wireless fire alarms, which use radio frequencies to connect to various other devices, such as smoke and heat detectors and call points, https://www.detecter.co.uk/fire-systems/ without needing wires or cables. Not every unauthorised person might be accessing your site maliciously or to cause trouble. If you don’t have a system designed to keep unauthorized people from entering your site, there could be serious trouble. Use of this device also means others can be hard-wired into it to make people aware in various locations straightway. As per the law requirement, every place, which can house and offer night accommodation, as well as places where 100 or more people can assemble under one roof will need to have commercial fire alarms installed on their premises. It doesn’t receive publicly broadcasted content-only footage from security cameras installed on the premises. For example, monitored surveillance cameras can protect your property’s perimeter. Regularly check perimeter hoarding or fencing to ensure it is intact and secure. A key aspect of their role is to conduct regular and thorough patrols around the perimeter of your property, constantly being on the lookout for signs of intrusion and anything out of the ordinary, and to act as a visual deterrent to potential intruders who may be planning on breaching the site.

Planning your security provisions should be one of your highest priorities right now, as construction site crime peaks around Christmas, and nothing could be worse than unwanted intrusions, theft or damage to your sites that delays work, costs you time and money, and spoils the Christmas spirit. Not only does monitoring keep sites secure, but they also keep them safe. Working with the professionals combines cutting-edge technology with practical human experience to keep your site safe 24/7 under any contingency. Because we understand the inherent safety risks on sites we have obtained accreditation with Safe Contractor, CHAS and Constructionline. The advice is based on crime prevention principles that are suitable for all types of sites. The publication offers advice about how to protect sites from theft, vandalism, arson and other types of security violations that may result in additional long-term financial and scheduling consequences caused by the interruption of work. During the Christmas period, your sites could be vulnerable to arson attacks and damage caused by bad weather conditions. But with construction site crime rates typically rising by up to 20% around the festive period, having a robust security plan in place can help prevent an unwanted hangover come the new year.

Protocols should be put into place to reduce risks identified in the risk analysis. It is an employers responsibility to protect members of the public from risk. SecureSites patrol dog handling units prove a to be a very useful asset in more vulnerable or higher risk situations. All security guards and dog handlers provided by SecureSites are fully uniformed and licensed by the security industry authority to provide a quality security service. Every site is different and requires unique security solutions, so Adana will carry out a full-site survey and recommend the best security solution for your site. Criminals are opportunistic. They know that equipment and other valuables will be on-hand at all times and will look for the right opportunity to strike. To improve site security, install lighting near entrances, equipment and machinery, and other valuable or dangerous areas. 2. 3. Lock away any valuable tools. Locking away and security marking of plant, tools and equipment. Never leave keys with mobile plant, equipment and vehicles. Not only do you need to consider the equipment on the construction site but also protecting workers. Suspicious activity or movement after hours automatically alerts operators in a security centre who identify the activity, give an audio warning and then contact the relevant emergency services to deal with the issues, as well as the head of site security or operations.