Temporary Construction Security Different homes in a shared property like a tenement or block of flats do not need to be linked to each other, and there is no need for alarms to be fitted in communal areas such as entry halls and stairways. Are there other things I could use to protect my home, such as better lighting? Mains-wired alarms are cheaper but if you use them, they must be fitted by a qualified electrician and must be replaced every 10 years. Batteries last for the duration of its operational lifespan, which may be up to 10 years – although sensors degrade over time. That technique if as the time comes your private home will end up being adequately equipped with maximum defense. As a general principle, home owners must pay for any ongoing work needed on their own property. However, as is the case for other elements of the Tolerable Standard, any intervention must be proportionate, rational and reasonable and where owners are unable to meet the standard, it is not a criminal offence. However, in general, it is your responsibility as the proportion owner, rather than the registered social landlord, to meet the new fire and smoke alarm standard.

Fire Alarms We provide comprehensive and compliant fire system maintenance to ensure your systems are operating at optimum levels. If specialist alarms are needed – such as for deaf people or Telecare systems – these must be fitted in addition to any smoke, heat and carbon monoxide alarms. As with other housing standards, the homeowner must meet the new fire and carbon monoxide alarm standard. The Associated Press acquired the engineering firm’s 2013 report, which found fire alarms in the 36-story complex did not meet the city’s fire code because they were not loud enough and did not have flashing lights. If you use battery alarms, they must be sealed tamper-proof units and have long-life lithium batteries, which can be up to 10 years. Working smoke alarms must be installed on every storey and outside bedrooms, and need to be replaced every 10 years the office said. “We want to see you and your family standing outside your home if there is a fire,” Jessop said. Here at B&Q we’re committed to keeping you and your family safe and that’s why our fire alarms and CO detectors all come from leading home safety providers. Process induced alarms. Many unwanted alarms result from processes undertaken adjacent to fire detectors, particularly smoke detectors.

The publication offers advice about how to protect sites from theft, vandalism, arson and other types of security violations that may result in additional long-term financial and scheduling consequences caused by the interruption of work. The main causes of these threats are theft, vandalism, and terrorism that don’t just cause losses in terms of damages but also increase the project’s costs by putting it on hold for several weeks, reducing business growth, and creating a poor customer experience. Placement of the sensors plays a huge part in how well they work and it is best to place them near the main entry points such as the doors and windows while making sure that their range isn’t blocked. A variety of access points are often needed, for vehicles, construction site workers and for authorised visitors, such as managers and building control. As with any premises containing valuable assets, access control should play a key part in your site security plan. You can have a biometric or ID-Card based access control for better protection. A further layer of security that can be provided to ensure maximum security for your construction site is via hoarding, a temporary fence built up to surround a construction site as a physical barrier to intruders.

Construction hording is the visual barrier provided when using hoarding. We understand how fundamental health and safety is on a construction site and all our construction site security guards are Safe Contractor certified as well as SIA approved, ISO accredited fully insured and subject to extensive background checks. Whether that is from criminals, people trying to slide under the fencing to save time or those attempting to steal building supplies and equipment – without a security guard, the site is highly vulnerable with what can often be quite costly assets at risk of vandalism or theft. The guide can be downloaded for free from the SBD website. You can find details of your local Care and Repair service on the Care and Repair Scotland website. Where can I find more information and support? Repair service for more information. IP cameras boast sharper, higher resolution images and more flexible features like remote zoom and repositioning.