Fire Alarms Using the appropriate networking cables, switches, and signal boosters can help overcome this problem. Such measures will help to discourage would-be intruders, who are looking to minimise their personal risk. Security Dogs – Often deployed on sites with a high risk of trespassing, such as those with tower cranes. Perimeter Detection Systems – Infra-red perimeter beams add a second layer of defence for remote monitoring of constructions sites. With a variety of perimeter fencing options available, finding the right fit for your site is essential for ensuring the risk of unauthorised entry, theft and vandalism are minimised. Secure Storage – Secure storage offers not only physical protection against theft of tools and materials, but also shielding from elements. Included in material theft is fuel, often large quantities of red diesel can be found in storage tanks or in vehicles themselves, this can be easily siphoned off and again sold with little to no traceability to the origin. Keeping materials secure will commonly involve secure on-site storage or cages, fences and deterrent signs. Moreover, with continuous vigilance, a CCTV safety technique is a powerful deterrent and could even quit crime ahead of it truly happens. Plant Immobilisation & Tracking – Immobilisation & tracking tools used in conjunction with highly visible signage provides an effective deterrent as well assisting law enforcement in recovering stolen goods, reducing the profit criminal organisations can make.

Security Lighting – A cost effective solution to reducing crime, it removes the illusion of being hidden at construction site entrances, often one of the first recommendations in a risk analysis. Relatively low risk target for opportunistic thieves. Hoarding & Fences – Shielding the site, its layout and weak spots helps deter thieves from pre-planning. If you are looking to obtain security for your site, there are many factors that you have to consider, such as the points below. Adana also deploy the latest in electronic security and detection systems, from wireless CCTV with monitoring, to Fire Detection and fully-monitored Alarm Systems supported by our Mobile Response teams. Should either of these monitored systems be triggered a mobile response officer will be dispatched to ensure no damage occurs to property. Your property against crime. Our aim is to provide a fire alarm system to protect your property and its occupants. One of the main benefits of this type of fencing is its low weight, which provides a system that’s easy to transport and deploy wherever it’s required. As the manager of a construction site company, their main duties are to recognise the hazards that can occur on the site.

They are highly visible and flexible, being able to undertake traffic marshal, banksman and fire marshal duties within the day to assist with day-to-day running. Hoarding are preferred due to being much harder to climb or cut through, see through while providing extra advertising space. While they may be defeat-able with enough time the extra noise. Furthermore having so much cable on-site can be a danger if run at a low level or a challenge to install high enough so that they are out of the way of being damaged or not a health and safety issue. Physically securing fuel stores on site is trickier due to the health. Secure cages and padlocked fuel caps are often ineffective and susceptible to brute force attacks, as such they need to be factored into a wider security plan of the site itself to deny thieves the opportunity. Fencing and barriers – RISC recommends construction sites install site perimeter security of at least 2.4 metres high. Many construction sites do not have a lot of night time lighting which makes infrared security cameras a great choice. All Senturian security officers working to protect construction sites possess CSCS cards. For smaller sites this might include reduced hours such as weekend.

Building sites can zone areas so that only pre-approved contractors and employees are granted access, leaving visitors to follow signage to reception without becoming a hazard. As such it’s vital construction sites take physical security seriously using methods like secure storage, CCTV, manned guards and perimeter detection systems to secure smaller non trackable inventory. They can take images with resolutions as higher as 1600 x 1200 pixels on a time lapse or movement detection basis, dependent on your setup. At the same time we take efficient transport utilisation into account. Time taken can often deter would be thieves. Battery-powered alarm systems require no cables or wiring, which means the fire alarm system can be set up in just a matter of minutes, saving time and resulting in minimal project disruption. Security measures for detection serve two purposes – to detect an active threat which will lead to theft, damage or harm, and to provide evidence after the crime has occurred for judicial means.

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