Construction Site Security Construction site security should incorporate a variety of physical measures, i.e. fences, barriers, gates, secure storage facilities and bollards; and technical measures including CCTV, security lighting, access control and intruder detection systems. Hard wired systems are far more reliable and easier to setup. It is best to choose bright white lights that provide good colour differentiation and make it easier to identify people and objects. Make it clear what consequences will follow if those rules are broken. Similarly, intruder alarms, CCTV, high quality locks and signage advertising the security measures in operation will all act as deterrents. This strategy will ensure that if an intruder does overcome a physical layer, they will be further impeded by detection methods that will prompt a response. So for example, perimeter fencing and barriers as physical measures, backed by controlled entry points, CCTV and intruder alarms. You may be able to fit these types of alarms yourself. Following a site-specific risk assessment, it should become apparent as to the level and types of security and protection that should be employed in order to meet these objectives.

In other words, starting at the site boundary, incorporate a series of physical measures to meet the requirements of the risk assessment, and then support these with electronic back-up. In Jan­u­ary, a crim­i­nal gang was brought to jus­tice in a Bel­gian court over a mil­lion-euro series of crane, exca­va­tor and trail­er thefts. Detection systems are often broken down into operational solutions (those that require human response). Our integrated solutions include highly trained, licensed officers and the most effective security technology to address security needs, loss prevention and control. Security USA® is pleased to provide construction site security solutions that are budget-friendly but limit access to construction sites and give our clients the best protection for their security spending by integrating superior manpower and cutting edge technology. Security USA® offers the latest in security technology to help us to meet the needs of all of our clients, regardless of whether they are under construction or an established enterprise. Built using wireless technology and powered by battery, temporary fire alarms are designed with adaptability in mind and can be repositioned easily throughout a construction site.

One of our most recent advancements utilizes biometric technology for access control. We can build your biometric security system into your site or alternatively provide a stand-alone container. A safe site is an essential segment of security guidelines, leading to consistent service and safeguarding the area from any loss. Movement and storage of vehicles which may need to be kept onsite temporarily can be a challenge to secure in a cost-effective and safe manner. So it’s highly essential that the construction site is safe and sound. Do you think it’s just an accident? We have seen a rapid growth of installed automatic fire detection (AFD) and automatic fire alarm (AFA) systems due to their success in providing an early warning in the event of a fire, saving lives and limiting property damage. Providing the physical barriers are designed to prevent entry for as long as it would take for the appropriate response to arrive (i.e. security guard or police), then the strategy should prove effective.

Besides being able to record high quality video, here are some features that construction managers should consider when shopping for the best video surveillance DVR. I documented how-to use a Zavio IP camera for time lapse video here. There are outdoor Zavio cameras available that have this snapshot functionality needed setup time lapse. But in truth, loss by theft from any construction site large or small can be a costly burden to the site operator and any sub-contractors working there as well as a huge inconvenience. Our rapid-deployment CCTV Towers provide construction sites with security, Time Lapse Video filming and remote project management solution. Watch this video to see a surveillance DVR that is extremely simple to use. The camera can also be controlled locally using the DVR or remotely using the Mac or Windows software that is included with all iDVR-PROs. If you intend on remotely monitoring your construction site, be sure to select a system that includes desktop software and mobile apps on the platforms that you use.