These gates use the same anti-climb galvanised steel mesh panels as the standard fencing options with secure locking mechanisms which make use of your own padlocks for simple site security. Through our industry background and experience we have devised the best systems and procedures for managing security officers conducting services on construction sites. In the world of heras fencing our heavy duty round top anti-climb panels are the best you can get. Represents the best security fencing available where mesh fencing is required. Tracking systems, branded vehicles and clearly identifiable security personnel deliver outstanding coverage of even broad areas and are available on a short-term basis, or for longer-term requirements. This eliminates many of the threats associated with opportunistic crime where a casual thief or vandal may see something of value within the site when mesh fencing panels are in use. The main causes of these threats are theft, vandalism, and terrorism that don’t just cause losses in terms of damages but also increase the project’s costs by putting it on hold for several weeks, reducing business growth, and creating a poor customer experience. Guard Dogs – Another element of security which tends to significantly increase the safekeeping of your construction site are guard dogs.

Construction Site Security Our security guards are placed on site to cover insurance purposes and the assets to the customer. These are slightly heavier at 15.9kg each; making use of Smartweld technology for added strength. 9kg each; making use of Smartweld technology for added strength. Like the heras fencing options, pedestrian and vehicle gates can be quickly incorporated where required and are compatible with all mesh fencing as well; so you need not use steel hoarding exclusively on a site in areas where it’s not required. For a slightly more robust but just as easily deployed solution SafeSite Facilities offer a heavy duty variation of the popular anti-climb heras fencing panels. Widely popular and commonly used to create a temporary barrier while work is in progress, heras fencing is a good option for short to medium term projects. Our temporary heras fencing gates come in a wide range of sizes to allow vehicle and pedestrian access where necessary.

The panels are similar in weight to the non-gated fencing and make for easy loading and installation with a two man team. Each guard is trained on all procedures and handovers so there is no missing information or any unresolved issues are passed on to the next guard or the site manager. We advise clients to securely lock up machinery and tools when not in use and to use security services to reduce issues on site. At Fisher Security we understand the Construction Industries requirements for Security and Life Safety Systems. We put safety at the height of importance. One of the main manufacturers of temporary fire alarm systems featured on The Safety Centre are Evacuator. The systems’ test function also facilitates a quick weekly test procedure, ensuring your health and safety measures always stay up-to-scratch. Extensive and effective security measures must therefore be installed throughout a construction site wherever it may be, safeguarding property and reducing the risk of potential harm to the public. Sites that are under construction, particularly when in a public area or an area easily accessible by the public, are tremendously vulnerable and dangerous places, rife with potential dangers.

CCTV security systems rapidly gained reputation as an aftermath of the terrorist attacks on London’s public transport system. However there’s no one correct type, as it depends on the level of security and type of activity taking place on your particular construction or building site. Not all Construction Site Security Signs need to address criminal activity. Not only do these signs have the clearly defined purpose of deterring criminals and discouraging dangerous activity, but they can also help to ensure people on your site feel safe and protected. Our range of Sign Fixings allowing you to securely fasten your signs both indoors and out. To life, including trespassers causing damage which has the potential to injure, maim or kill, such as ripping out fixtures and leaving wiring unsafe, as well as deliberate actions such as arson which threaten life as well as property. A lot of construction work is carried out during the night time to cause less disruption during the day, making it all the more important to provide a high level of temporary lighting to help identify and possibly avoid any hazards. Ensure the site perimeter is secured with 2m high fencing to prevent access to children. If it butts onto another structure care should be taken to assess whether the fencing itself is creating an intermediate climbing point onto the scaffold.