With the large numbers of vehicles and people entering and exiting throughout the day, in addition to its complete abandonment at night, every construction site is at high risk of intrusion, theft and vandalism. A CCTV safety method is a powerful addition to your home security system. Furthermore, Safe Work Method Statements are completed for every project and implemented onsite before services commence. Every team member should be educated on playing their part in ensuring their project won’t be the next statistic. Our team will also conduct a risk assessment as well as providing you with a competitive quotation. Our management team have over 10 years experience in the construction industry. The video-enabled alarm units have 24/7 real-time connection to a BS-EN50518 accredited ARC (alarm receiving centre). Alarm goes off hooting. Not all Construction Site Security Signs need to address criminal activity. Solutions such as our bespoke CCTV systems offer clients the security of eyes on their site around the clock, allied to savings of up to 70% when compared to the cost of a static security guard. At Farsight, we are experts in providing professional and bespoke security services for construction sites across the UK and have been providing bespoke domestic and commercial security solutions for over 20 years.

Construction Site Security We have a number of patrol vehicles on the road that provide random checks of staff onsite as well as responding quickly to alarms. Up until 2012, most fire authorities would have responded to stand-alone fire alarms, however due to an increase in false alarms, most authorities now only respond to confirmed fires – confirmed by either someone onsite or remotely via a CCTV system. Each guard must demonstrate a sound understanding of them before commencing duties onsite. Just the suggestion that guard dogs are on your site makes it a much more inconvenient target. Guard Dogs – Another element of security which tends to significantly increase the safekeeping of your construction site are guard dogs. Our wide range of affordable, high-quality CCTV products is sure to be the perfect addition to your company’s security efforts. The site owner has a duty to make reasonable efforts to stop unauthorised members of the public from accessing the site. Bear in mind that the fencing should be high enough to stop people from climbing over. Whether they criminal believes they can still get away with their intentions or not, the warning given by these signs is often enough to make them think twice about whether it is worth the risk.

In addition to watching for criminal activity, agents can also ensure that all safety protocols are followed on the site and communicate directly with anyone who isn’t following proper procedures. Construction sites are a high target for vandalism and criminal activity. The Christmas period presents criminals with many opportunities when it comes to construction sites. Full coverage lighting which comes on automatically when natural light levels fall. Signs must be made visible at all times and especially at night time: using reflective materials or security lighting can facilitate this. By employing the right personnel, using effective equipment and procedures and with the addition of good planning, your construction area can thrive without disruption. It is a good idea to ensure that anyone who needs to gain access to the site must wear a branded hard hat and are able to show the correct ID badge. The harder the site looks to gain access to, the less likely thieves or vandals will attempt to gain entry. This acts as a clear indicator to people as to where the property line is, and preventing them from entering the site from anywhere else except the main entrance when checking-in.

CCTV cameras are fantastic as they help to monitor both the inside and outside of your construction site and are said to be one of the most effective ways of preventing crime. To add an extra layer of security to your surveillance systems, you may consider opting for professional video monitoring where highly trained professionals monitor the site from an off-site monitoring centre, inform the concerned people, and dispatch the authorities right away. Through our industry background and experience we have devised the best systems and procedures for managing security officers conducting services on construction sites. Paying attention to tools is a very important part in the construction industry, even though our security guards have received training to work on site, they also receive additional training according to the site. As we know, theft can be quite big in the construction industry as a lot of tools and equipment can be very expensive. Theft of machinery. Tools is ever increasing. This becomes more concerning when construction managers realize that it accounts only for stolen equipment and doesn’t include the cost of stolen tools and materials. County provide a cost effective solution for this.