Temporary Fire Systems Issues your site may be experiencing. Each guard is trained on all procedures and handovers so there is no missing information or any unresolved issues are passed on to the next guard or the site manager. Due to the fast pace of work carried out on construction sites, building site security is an ongoing challenge. Monitored alarms provide the highest level of construction site security and involve the sensors being linked to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) manned by professionals where the alarms are first verified and, depending on the type of contract – keyholder or police response – the relevant people or authorities are contacted right away. The type of surveillance system (NVR or DVR) determines which CCTV cameras are compatible. The single most effective method to avoiding such instances is to choose the type and location of detection device carefully and with expert assistance. Emergency responders dispatch to your location without delay to put out the fire and ensure everyone’s safety. Due to the elimination of cabling, RSI series cameras are easily installed in any location and can be relocated in minutes. If you’re not sure whether your fire alarm is monitored, the best way to find out is by calling the company that originally installed your system.

Construction Site Security Our monitored temporary CCTV & Alarm Systems are perfect for a wide range of clients who require quick, easy and effective security solutions. Access control solutions ensure that only authorised personnel can enter and exit your construction site. Among the most effective solutions are those which offer a complete package – comprising not just the cameras themselves, but the expertise to man them twenty-four hours a day. A good number of insurance organizations do not offer coverage unless commercial fire alarms are installed so the damage can be minimized in case of a fire both in terms of human and material casualty and hence, save the insurance company a bundle. Patrol tracking systems are installed at multiple points across the site. Every construction site needs welfare facilities, and most will also require a site office. Who will call the authorities for help? CCTV will help you monitor who is on site including both employees and visitors. Ensure whether you have a single access point to monitor site access?

Since your construction workers simply cannot monitor your site 24/7, you can always rely on construction site security to provide an extra layer of protection. Construction site security cameras can be equipped with technology to identify intruders instantly (such as motion sensors), notifying the authorities and/or property managers at the first hint of trouble. Again, the default option is to install a “single-station” fire alarm, which means the system goes off when sensors or pull stations are triggered, but it doesn’t send a signal over a phone line or network to the fire department. Be aware of automated daily tests: To ensure your alarm system communicates with the monitoring station as expected, a test signal passes between the two once a day. Nothing is required on your part, but if the test signal is disrupted, a technician from your fire protection company will arrive at your business to troubleshoot and repair the problem.

Construction sites are, by their nature, temporary, but are also highly vulnerable to theft and vandalism, so any CCTV system will need to be monitored and the alarm raised when necessary. Fast emergency response: A monitored fire alarm system notifies critical parties as soon as a pull station is activated, sprinkler head goes off, or a smoke detector identifies smoke. When smoke sets off a fire alarm, heat triggers a sprinkler head, or someone activates a manual pull station, a message is sent to the central monitoring station where an operator immediately notifies the appropriate local fire department. These are manual. Automatic. Whilst operating with the title of static guard, it is important to bear in mind that our guards are far from static when protecting your premises. Whether your wanting manned security guards or static security guards in our operation’s team recruit security officers across the major towns and cities so when you phone Sparta for security, Sparta are one step ahead & have a seasoned security professionals for your business . You may have cameras that have not been assessed for optimal positioning. Once the local authorities have assessed the situation and extinguished the fire, we’ll be by your side to restore your fire protection systems to their proper working condition as quickly as possible.