Again, the default option is to install a “single-station” fire alarm, which means the system goes off when sensors or pull stations are triggered, but it doesn’t send a signal over a phone line or network to the fire department. Site managers and project teams want to visit the site over the internet in order to efficiently manage multiple construction projects at once. Key milestones to ensure you receive a video that perfectly captures your project. Construction sites need temporary video surveillance in a dirty, and sometimes wet environment. The cameras feature in-built video analytics to detect any intrusions onto your sites. WCCTV’s rapid deployment pole cameras are all-in-one mobile surveillance systems that combine an HD security camera, 4TB of local recording and 4G LTE transmission technology into a single portable unit. You can find details of your local Care and Repair service on the Care and Repair Scotland website. The cloud storage service provides easy VMS access. WCCTV provides high-quality Time Lapse Video cameras and production services for construction, demolition and refit projects. Can I position the cameras to avoid intruding on my neighbours’ property or any shared or public spaces?

They are responsive to smoke and heat and can be triggered both manually and automatically. Fast emergency response: A monitored fire alarm system notifies critical parties as soon as a pull station is activated, sprinkler head goes off, or a smoke detector identifies smoke. Due to the fast pace of work carried out on construction sites, building site security is an ongoing challenge. The system contains edge video analytics functionality to detect and verify intrusions onto your construction sites, allowing you or our monitoring partners to take action! The units are easy to install, require zero maintenance, and can be quickly moved around your construction job sites as they develop to target vulnerable areas, valuable assets or access points. CCTV and access control measures will ensure that only authorised personnel are able to access the site. By displaying signs such as our ‘Thieves Will Be Prosecuted’ Signs. This is particularly applicable to children who might not fully understand any warning signs displayed. Who will call the authorities for help? Every construction site needs welfare facilities, and most will also require a site office. This will make it easier for you to spot missing assets. Compliance to the latest BS5839 fire legislation ensures early detection so that your employees can act quickly in the initial stages of a fire to significantly reduce risk to life and assets.

This proves that a CCTV security program is an successful tool for crime detection and can supply solid evidence. Interim detection can also be supplied if the property has no detectors at present. You can still capture images, but you need to show you are doing it in ways that comply with the data protection laws and uphold the rights of the people whose images you are capturing. You should also write down why you think capturing the images is more important than invading the privacy of your neighbours and passers-by. In fact, you are EIGHT times more likely to die in a fire in the home if you don’t have working smoke alarms. No more than 50mm of exposed rung should be visible when the guard is tight to one side of the ladder. Once the local authorities have assessed the situation and extinguished the fire, we’ll be by your side to restore your fire protection systems to their proper working condition as quickly as possible. Thieves don’t want to be caught, and knowing that your business is directly tied to local law enforcement agencies naturally deters criminal activity.

If you don’t have a system designed to keep unauthorized people from entering your site, there could be serious trouble. While codes don’t require all fire alarms to be monitored, your facility could benefit greatly from this investment. It signals the monitoring station, which notifies both the fire department and your fire protection company. It also sends a message to designated company personnel. As soon as the telegrapher at the station received the message they would notify the fire department response team of the box location. Video can be viewed on any device that has an internet browser – computer, smart phone, or tablet – whether you are at the construction office, at a project team meeting, or at home, you can check in with the construction site. Our rapid-deployment security cameras provide construction sites with multi-application benefits, including theft prevention, Time Lapse Video recording and remote project management. Our crime prevention specialists undertake a site-specific survey liaising with site management before starting each project.

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