The clamps are used to secure the panels together. Our temporary fence clamps consist of a central nut bolt, making securing two panels easy and fast. Standalone alarms do not require a control panel, however, in the case of a bigger worksite, if you do not have an interlinked temporary alarm, the coverage of the site will be very limited. The second type is an addressable fire alarm system, where a detected fire (whether by automatic fire detection systems or the activation of a fire alarm manual call point) is registered on the fire alarm control panel as a specific location or address within a zone, such as via an automatic smoke detector in the ground floor boiler room, or a fire alarm manual call point by the ground floor rear fire exit. Once security footage has been downloaded from your surveillance system, it can be reviewed on a Windows or Mac OS computer using our free playback software called Smart Player. Our video guide on how to download footage from your security camera system walks you through the process.

The video tutorial below is an in-depth guide on how to set the different recording methods for each camera in your surveillance system. The user can set different sensitivity settings and specify certain areas of the picture as motion zones for each camera to reduce false positive motion events. Our systems allow a wide variety of picture settings to be toggled depending on the camera specifications. You can playback one camera or multiple cameras depending on the resolution of the recording. The digital video recorders in our systems even allow multiple recording methods for each camera. Even if you don’t use the same day to change the batteries, make sure they’re replaced at least once a year. For example, cameras can be set to record all the time or during a portion of the day using the scheduled recording method, while also recording upon motion detection. Likewise, a 4MP HDCVI camera is not compatible with a 1080P DVR unless the camera can be set to 1080P using a 4MP HDCVI DVR. It’s crucial that your security set up changes with it. Choose us for your construction security. Most of the camera systems that my company supplies to construction companies are custom.

All of our security systems offer a variety of video recording methods. This preserves video integrity in case a motion event is missed, and is very helpful when reviewing recorded security footage to allow the user to skip to points in the timeline when motion is detected. Using a mouse connected to your recorder, it is easy to review recorded security footage in the Search menu. Our skilled team have a wealth of experience in implementing site security solutions that help to ensure your construction project is completed on time and on budget. Controlling access to your construction site is critical. Outside of manmade risks and unauthorised access to the site, construction sites are also at risk of natural threats including flooding, storm damage and fire. However, the site risk assessment should also carefully consider a range of appropriate controls to prevent or deter access. The harder the site looks to gain access to, the less likely thieves or vandals will attempt to gain entry. Construction sites are often seen as an easy target for thieves but Triton Security will make sure your equipment, tools and materials are kept safe and secure. Motion Detection – when pixel changes in the video are detected, video will be recorded automatically.

Select the cameras you would like to playback recorded video from by clicking the select boxes. To conserve hard drive space 1080P. Higher resolution cameras are commonly recorded at 15fps. You would use 30fps only for quick motion applications like license plate capture cameras or for cameras overlooking a cash register. Our 4000 series NVRs support playback of up to eight 1080P channels, while our 5000 series NVR support up to sixteen channel playback at 1080P. Stronger playback capability is available when playing video over the network using our free computer client software to playback video on a PC or Mac workstation. Our security camera systems are based on this simple principle to allow easy video download to a USB drive and playback on a Windows or Mac computer. CCTV Camera World’s security camera systems have a user-intuitive graphical interface to playback recorded video. A bit rate that is too high would have diminishing returns as it wouldn’t improve video quality beyond a certain point. Select the point in the video timeline you would like to begin playback from. The in-depth video tutorial below discusses encoding settings available in your system and how to configure them.

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