Ensure whether you have a single access point to monitor site access? Do you have CCTV or patrolling guards? You can read through our testimonials, which include our long-standing client – My Construction Ltd, who said they would “highly recommend” our services and that “the quality of their guards is such a reassurance to everyone on site.” To find out more about how we can provide first-class construction security, get in touch today. A delivery driver looking for the site office, an employee of the architect, or a friend of the client. Construction companies that manage a project for a client may choose the cheapest vendors possible when assembling a project. It is vital to shop around when looking at security companies to find the best deal for your site. If you are looking to obtain security for your site, there are many factors that you have to consider, such as the points below. The intruder may also have more sinister motives with intent to steal or cause damage. Facilities for intruder. Fire detection. At Millennium Security, we provide a bespoke single point construction site security solution for all your security and health and safety requirements: from access control through to fire and security systems.

Temporary Fire Alarm Systems If you have a single point of access, it will be easier to control and monitor the entrance and exit point of the site. Construction sites should have adequate protection because the cost of any injury may be more than the price of the security. Construction sites are also victims of fires (accidental or due to arson) or vandalism that can cost the industry millions of pounds. To summarise, whichever industry you are in, and whatever it is that you are heating, cooling, drying or moisture control requirements may be, whether on a temporary or permanent basis, Carrier Rental Systems will have a solution. These systems feature temporary turnstiles that sit on the entry and egress points of your site, allowing entry to authorised personnel only. Temporary site fire alarms come in multiple varieties, to reflect the variety of situations for which they may be necessary. Construction site security can be costly, although it may end up saving you thousands in the long run.

In case you don’t have adequate security, construction sites have a high degree of risk from thieves. Goods and construction equipment on sites hold high value. The high loading volume saves time and money thanks to the reduced number of loads while minimising installation time and protecting the environment simultaneously. While price is an important factor, it is also essential to clarify that the security firm can provide all the services that you require. A safe site is an essential segment of security guidelines, leading to consistent service and safeguarding the area from any loss. Disregarding the size of the project, it is the responsibility of the owner to keep their workers and site safe and protected from any harm. As one of the most trusted construction security companies in Greater Manchester, you can count on us to make your business safe. There can be many hazards on construction sites, but the security of your site needn’t be one. Every person on your site needs to be accounted for if there is a fire or other emergency. If necessary, we will also contact the emergency services and the Police to ensure you have all areas covered dependent on the incident.

Ensure whether you have a fence around the site? How does our Construction Site Security work? Construction sites are often prone to various kind of crimes. Before buying a system, think about how cold the winters are and how hot the summers are, and make sure the system can handle those temperatures. Smart Security – Connect your surveillance camera system with Alexa and Google Assistant for hands-free, smart home security. Even within sectors, the layout, https://www.keysure.co.uk equipment and usage patterns of similar businesses can be very different and will require a bespoke CCTV system. They can be linked to an observation monitor with properly-placed cables or even wirelessly. There must be only one entry and exit point to make it easier to monitor who goes in and out of the construction site. Using CCTV will help you monitor the security and discourage thieves and vandals from using the site. Our construction security guards will be provided with full site training. As per the 1984 Occupiers Liability Act, landowners have to care for the trespassers on construction sites.