Safety is important and fire alarms are crucial to protect yourself and the people around you. Building managers commissioned a fire safety assessment by the engineering firm S.S. Easy remote access: Thanks to the construction site security camera systems with smartphone app, you can monitor the job process and check on the building site anytime and anywhere from your mobile devices. If the construction site or job site has network coverage, you could use construction site security camera systems to record the whole construction progress but also view footage remotely on a mobile phone, computer or web browsers. Plus, you could also use Reolink Solar Panel to keep this building site security camera constantly charged. However, it doesn’t mean construction site surveillance cameras or systems won’t work in such scenarios. Access points and arrangements may constantly change as work progresses and may be particularly vulnerable as phases of work move on.

CCTV Systems According to the BSI website BS 7909 : 2011 is currently under review, we expect the changes to reflect recent changes within BS 7671, which may also include amendment 2. View ❯ BS 7909 Certification Software for Android. Property cost – expensive plant may be damaged in the process of the theft. HD video quality: Construction site surveillance cameras of good video quality (at least 1080p) and night vision help keep tabs on the jobsite day and night, especially at night when construction theft frequently takes place. Featuring 5MP Super HD and 4X optical zoom, this wireless construction site surveillance camera delivers crystal clear images and you can also zoom in to obtain more details without scarifying the image quality. Jobsite security camera systems can also monitor project processes for safe practices and quality control, documenting accidents to support future construction improvements. Without efficient and comprehensive construction site security measures in place, sites can face thousands of pounds worth of loss and damage which can put a hold on work for weeks or months at a time, increasing costs, reducing business growth and creating a poor experience for the service user. It’s essential to lock up equipment after construction workers wrap up their work at the end of the day.

Construction Site Security Minimal wires: As the messy cables on a jobsite can create headaches for the construction workers and subcontractors, it is best to choose wire-free security cameras for the jobsites. Reolink Argus 2, for example, can serve as an ideal jobsite security camera in virtue of the built-in rechargeable battery and the optional Reolink solar panel. For those who are looking for a wireless construction site security camera to monitor job site equipment, building materials, copper, home remodeling project or building site where power or electricity is not available, Reolink Argus 2 wireless jobsite security camera is an ideal solution. The IP66 waterproof and IK10 vandal-proof rating makes it ideal to fight against harsh weather conditions and external damage. However whereas the Tough Guard is suitable for external use, the Defender is designed for interior use only. Use external camera housing, enclosure or box to keep the jobsite security camera clean and protect it from elements.

There is no doubt that construction site security cameras and systems can help reduce jobsite theft and vandalism, yet construction security cameras or systems are often exposed to dust, dirt, rain, bugs, or other elements. Life – fuel spilled during theft is common and presents a fire hazard which could be both life-changing and life-ending. If you would like to know more about common security guarding shift patterns and coverage, we go into a little more detail about common security guarding patterns in our advice centre post: Security Guarding Shift Patterns & Coverage Hours. Recent projects have seen sav­ings of over 60% in secu­ri­ty bud­gets, pro­vid­ing an improved, more com­pre­hen­sive secu­ri­ty net over­see­ing sites 24 hours a day but at low cost. This allows for closer examination of the footage, making it more difficult for criminals to attempt to hide their identity. Coupled with Reolink Argus 2 skins and mounts, you could hide the jobsite surveillance camera from plain sight and avoid being stolen. Well, Internet access or router is not always available on job sites, building site, or houses being built or remodeled. To prevent them from being stolen, and to remove temptation by being so easy to access, all movable tools and equipment must be hidden away from plain sight.