Construction Site Security The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) states that all construction sites require measures to manage access across defined boundaries and steps to exclude unauthorised people. Similarly, intruder alarms, CCTV, high quality locks and signage advertising the security measures in operation will all act as deterrents. So for example, perimeter fencing and barriers as physical measures, backed by controlled entry points, CCTV and intruder alarms. For example, a strong perimeter fence will act as a deterrent and will also delay entry. Act as evidence in a prosecution. If you fail to comply with your obligations under the data protection laws, you may be subject to enforcement action by the ICO. We will then create a customised security strategy to address your individual needs and ensure your site and assets are given a high level of protection. There are also signs available designed to minimise security alerts and maintain on-site vigilance, such as the ‘Do Not Leave Baggage or Parcels Unattended’ Sign and the ‘Report Any Suspicious Behaviour Immediately’ Sign. We can catch those wannabe artists for you if you are not near your site.

There are also risks in the form of access by protestors who may seek to achieve anything from publicity through to damage or destruction of the site. The most important thing is to find one that catches carbon dioxide, as by the time a fire starts, it may be too late. There is a common misconception between what is classed as a ‘false’ fire alarm and an ‘unwanted’ fire alarm activation, so firstly, we need to differentiate between ‘false’ fire alarms and an ‘unwanted’ fire alarm. Home owners to comply with current smoke alarm legislation. Most of us have these useful life-saving devices installed in our homes and places of work, and although we rely on them to work when we need them, few of us actually know much about fire alarms and smoke detectors. Fire moves fast and can be devastating to life and your property. Aside from threats to assets, there is also the risk of operations being thwarted and the issue of threat to life. Outside of manmade risks and unauthorised access to the site, construction sites are also at risk of natural threats including flooding, storm damage and fire.

It must always be kept on the premises, preferably near the fire control panel. Construction site security should incorporate a variety of physical measures, i.e. fences, barriers, gates, secure storage facilities and bollards; and technical measures including CCTV, security lighting, access control and intruder detection systems. CCTV and intruder alarms will in addition detect and aid a response and locks will delay entry. Providing the physical barriers are designed to prevent entry for as long as it would take for the appropriate response to arrive (i.e. security guard or police), then the strategy should prove effective. Keeping up with security on construction sites is difficult because of their hectic nature; with many people, vehicles and equipment requiring access to the site throughout the day and via several different entrances. Our state of the art surveillance technology equipment can be integrated seamlessly with automated access systems and monitored either on the premises or remotely and can be monitored constantly or motion triggered. However, many pieces of equipment can be locked in a shipping container. Local KCMO customers can purchase a pre-programmed system and install it themselves. The excellent rapport we maintain with local law enforcement agencies allows us to work with them closely to optimize security on construction sites.

Following a site-specific risk assessment, it should become apparent as to the level and types of security and protection that should be employed in order to meet these objectives. Security USA® is pleased to provide construction site security solutions that are budget-friendly but limit access to construction sites and give our clients the best protection for their security spending by integrating superior manpower and cutting edge technology. Our construction site security planning begins with a risk analysis. Construction sites may also fall target to vandalism, arson, and deliberate damage by people just wanting to cause damage and destruction, or by people opposing the project for personal, commercial, or political reasons. Access points and arrangements may constantly change as work progresses and may be particularly vulnerable as phases of work move on. In many cases, any one security solution may contribute to more than one of the objectives. Smart Security – Connect your surveillance camera system with Alexa and Google Assistant for hands-free, smart home security.