Fire Alarms You can see our cabling. You can order and buy our products online by logging in or registering to see the prices. All of our kits can be configured to suit your commercial installation or home CCTV system with minimal fuss. What about wireless CCTV? Although all of our systems are wired, you can also look at our wireless CCTV systems here if required. Sign up to our newsletters here . You can get an idea of recording times here – just click on the Recording Times tab. We can integrate WCCTV’s time lapse video cameras to a WCCTV Mini Dome Solar Trailer, a WCCTV Mini Dome, or be provided as a standalone service. Many of them are weatherproof and rugged, making them good choices for a construction time lapse project. They’re also fairly easy to install, and the fact they are difficult to reach and robust means they offer a good level of resistance to vandalism. The protective casing means that dust, dirt, and other elements have a much lesser chance of smearing the lens and blurring the image.

Bullet cameras – Long and cylindrical in shape, bullet cameras are perfect for using outside and they can generally offer better image resolution at distance. Generally, however, CCTV systems can be broken up into domestic and commercial categories. You could also consider an internal CCTV system if you want to make sure that the interior of your property and its occupants are visually protected. Domestic interior CCTV systems are usually as unobtrusive as possible. They will usually be more complex, encompassing multiple cameras joined via a CCTV network, to provide as much coverage as possible around and inside the business premises. The possessions inside are dependent on it. If you are interested in purchasing a fire alarm from our company, please feel free to get in contact with us. Remotely monitoring ongoing commercial construction or home remodeling project via construction site security cameras can reduce legwork for developers, homeowners, or contractors because you don’t have to travel far to get your hand dirty.

Secure storage can be further enhanced with the use of monitored moisture detectors to protect against water ingress and vibration detectors. When ordering, always consider your longest period away from the system (for domestic CCTV systems, this is usually the duration of summer holidays) and make sure you have enough storage to cover this timeframe. The vaguely worded statement did not make clear how long the routes would remain open. So they can be useful, for example, if you’re going to be travelling away from home and you want to make sure it’s safe while you’re away, or to keep tabs on your property while you’re at work. Strategies that can be used to keep your site safe. Our pro team can provide a thorough assessment of your site’s risk profile and recommend the best security approach. If you have any questions or queries about what product would be best for you then please call, use live chat, or email, to speak to one of our customer care team. Our buying guide and friendly team are available to answer any questions you may have i8f you are looking at a home security system or a security camera system for a place of business.

Has activated to warn that there may be a fire. There are multiple distance level lenses available, depending on usage, and they can offer night vision and thermal options too. 6. Don’t forget you can talk to us if you’re struggling to resolve the problem and need guidance. Our team are happy help talk you though any difficulties you are having with hardware or software. Their efforts are part of a national goodwill initiative to help vulnerable people in our communities. SSAIB, the UK’s leading Certification Body for electronic security, manned guarding services, fire protection, intruder and other alarm systems, has unveiled a constructive new initiative to help properly protect a range of potentially vulnerable sites. Alan Wilson, Managing Director of SELECT, said: “We are grateful to both Westmuir Electrical and Dunmar Electrical Ltd for volunteering to take part in the Alarm Ambassadors initiative. The Alarm Ambassadors campaign is being run by electrical trade association SELECT. But simply because CCTV safety systems are fairly affordable and simple to use, they are now being employed in private properties to bolster homeowners’ peace of thoughts. Other options on our CCTV Accessories page. Head over to our page to give us a like and a share .