Remote Access means you’re always access the video feed of your CCTV systems to see what’s happening on your construction site. Set out in HSG151 (see references). Clients and contractors must ensure that any unauthorised access onto scaffolding is prevented, not just outside working hours, but also at times when workers are present but out of sight. This alert is being issued to remind contractors, and those in control of construction work involving scaffolding and access ladders, of the need to assess the site and ensure suitable and sufficient measures are in place to prevent members of the public, and especially children from climbing scaffolds and ladders. To lay all concerns to rest, and give complete peace of mind, we can also use access control systems and perimeter alarms to give 100 percent assurance that no intrusion will go unnoticed. Badges and hard hat stickers can be used to quickly visually identify authorised personnel on site. Issues your site may be experiencing. These trespassers could be squatters, thieves, or your site could be blocking someone’s normal access route and they may still attempt to pass through the site. There is a history of members of the public climbing onto access scaffolds that have been erected to allow construction work to take place.

Fire Alarms Site security must be well managed to avoid injury to members of the public. To property and materials – including buildings and outbuildings, structures under construction or demolition, as well as construction materials, tools, equipment, plant, fuel and petty theft of workers’ possessions and assets. Construction is a vast and valuable industry which involves both the storage and on-going use of high value vehicles, materials, tools and machinery. Lock away hazardous substances within secure storage units designed for that purpose. When the system is linked together it is designed to activate all the sitemaster units at the same time. Now is the time to consider your construction site security. Spend less time on paperwork. The flexible nature of this system means it can be used again and again in different locations and at different events. A pinch might not sound too severe, but pinch points can cause life-changing injuries, and in the worst cases, they can be fatal. On some sites, it might be obvious. Scaffolding and ladders on all construction sites, but especially in residential areas, can seem like an inviting playground for children – who do not have the ability to perceive danger in the same way as adults, that is why construction site security is essential.

Temporary System Systems Landing – also fit them in any room where a fire can start. Continue reading as we discuss the many benefits of investing in temporary fire alarms for construction sites. People can walk through construction sites to take a short cut, or simply because they don’t realise it is a construction site. These can be hardwired into the mains or wireless, or even manually powered. If anyone can walk onto the site without being challenged, it makes it easier for unauthorised visitors to gain access. Whilst operational activities such as manned guarding and patrols increase the level of deterrence, they can be expensive. Take extra precautions if the site is left unoccupied over weekends or holidays, such as CCTV or security patrols if needed. Emma has over 10 years experience in health and safety and BSc (Hons) Construction Management. Good construction site security and supervision are essential, especially in, for example, the last phase of a residential construction project when expensive materials and equipment are present on the construction site.

You don’t want trespassers vandalising, abusing or stealing things from important equipment. Trespassers could also be children. Children are particularly tempted to climb. Each year a number of children are killed. These are not unauthorised people, but they also may not fully understand the hazards or security procedures. The responsibility for the implementation of these procedures lies with the designated responsible person for the site. Not every unauthorised person might be accessing your site maliciously or to cause trouble. Remove anything that might be tempting. 12. Remove access ladders from excavations. Other ways to prevent climbing is to install anti-climb or welded mesh fencing as they not only reduce unauthorised access through climbing but also make the intruders visible. Where unauthorised access has been gained the result is often a fall from height. The publication offers advice about how to protect sites from theft, vandalism, arson and other types of security violations that may result in additional long-term financial and scheduling consequences caused by the interruption of work. If someone is injured on your site or by your work, you may have failed in your legal duties. Whatever the budget, we have the solution.