Keyholding and Alarm Response

Are you looking for a reliable keyholding and alarm response service?

Keysure, part of the OMS Group of companies, offers top-quality solutions for construction projects, and vacant properties. Whether you’re a project manager or an owner of vacant property you’ll want to protect your property. If you’re vacating the property for a week or so, security is even more of a concern.

Detecter provides a reliable keyholding and alarm response service, with fast response times. We adhere to the British Standard BS7894 guidelines, ensuring expert protection for your property. At Detecter we have a team of professional staff, who will secure your property, wherever required.

Protect Your Home With An Alarm Response Service

Research from Statista reported that on 2020/21 there were over 267,000 burglaries in England and Wales. (Statista, 2022). It’s estimated that a burglary takes place around every 37 seconds. The best way to protect your construction site or vacant property is with an alarm response service.

What is an alarm response service?

Alarm response refers to a type of security service. If a security alarm goes off, a member of the alarm response team will attend the property. It’s a service that responds to alarm activations, to save you the job. A member of the alarm response team will carry out a security audit, check entry points, and then reset the alarm (or check-in with the control room). They will check the locks, and ensure that your site is safe. Should there be any damage to your property, Detecter alarm service will cooperate with the police, and stay on-site until your property is secure.

What is a keyholding service?

At Detecter, we provide a compliant keyholding service. The service is specifically designed for key response in emergencies. So how does the keyholding service work? Detecter will store a set of keys, acting as an on-call key-holder. There are various situations where you might require an emergency key holder including:

  • The alarm has been activated.
  • Unlock the gates for contractors.
  • Emergency situations.

How does Detecter Key Response work?

Our key holding service acts as the primary key holder. If the alarm is activated, one of our security guards will visit your site right away. Your keyholder will investigate what caused the alarm to go off, and provide a detailed report.

When you choose our keyholding services your keys will be securely stored. All keys are stored to comply with the British Standard BS7 7984. You can rest assured that our services are top quality and reliable.

Why choose Detecter?

There are many reasons to choose Detecter for your Keyholding and Alarm Response service. We are one of the leading security service providers in the UK, with many years of experience. When you choose us you’ll benefit from an affordably priced service, and flexibility to suit your needs. We use the latest security processes and cutting-edge tech, operating to the highest standards.

To learn more about our key response services, contact Detecter today. Our highly-trained team can answer any questions you have about keyholding and property security.