The Construction Equipment Association (CEA) announced the significant increase in raids on vehicles and sites and theft of plant equipment and tools, which is in stark contrast to overall crime rates, which dropped by up to 40% in March. The primary crime committed at construction zones is theft of tools, supplies, and valuable equipment. After all, you likely leave equipment out that is susceptible to theft or damage, and expensive materials that can’t be stored in a warehouse day after day. For a look at some of today’s best camera options for the construction industry, check out DETECTER’S Construction Jobsite Management Platform. Construction sites are often sprawling areas with shifting boundaries, frequently cordoned off with little more than a chain-link fence. R.B. Grant Electrical Contractors are the premium fire alarm installers in Fife and surrounding areas. However, in general, it is your responsibility as the proportion owner, rather than the registered social landlord, to meet the new fire and smoke alarm standard. However, ownership can make sense if you plan to use the same equipment frequently. This should be clearly stated in your plan and this plan should be in writing and posted in a visible location. Having a plan to adjust your security as times goes on will help solve these issues.

Temporary Fire Alarm Systems While we can’t control the weather, we can help prevent damage from you expensive machines, equipment, and materials. And learn what else contractors, developers, and homeowners could do to prevent construction site theft, vandalism, and property damage. Equipment on any construction site. Do You Provide CCTV Monitoring for Construction Site Security? CCTV Alarm Systems have chosen the best decoder, the best cameras, and lenses for the HD, Hikvision IP and Wireless range on the site All our cameras are varifocal which means you can zoom with the lens through the app apart from Wireless which our fixed lenses. Construction site security cameras you need to protect your property. Our on-site security services provide around the clock monitoring of your site to ensure no significant losses occur. DETECTER can also equip your facility with signage that will alert would-be trespassers to the presence of alarms, electronic detection, and monitoring services. A double-storey property will need three smoke alarms and one heat alarm. Interlinked smoke and heat alarms are required to be installed in addition to any Telecare smoke/heat alarms to help keep you safe. To help you mitigate the risk of damage and ensure that all personnel are safe and protected we supply and install wireless fire alarms.

No matter what type of construction-apartment complexes, large commercial projects, or homebuilder sites-our systems will help safeguard your site against costly losses and incidents, while keeping you apprised of activity on your site. Thieves know that your equipment and tools will be on site, making your site a vulnerable target. This is an ideal situation because it limits avenues of opportunity for construction thieves. With DETECTER’s state-of-the-art jobsite camera technology, you will be able to view your construction live from any location, on any device that’s connected to the Internet. Through our comprehensive surveillance systems, you will be able to see and record jobsite activity, reducing workers’ compensation claims and the potential for lawsuits. And whilst we can see a glimmer of light at the end of what’s been a very bleak tunnel, the impacts of this virus are likely to affect our working practices for a long time to come. Direct end user sales are also available, if you need a rapid cooling solution for an important and temperature sensitive area, such as data centres or telecommunication rooms. Through our Command Center, your construction site can be monitored around the clock for rapid intrusion detection and response. What’s more, having watchful eyes on the construction projects via building site security systems helps resolve disputes or labor conflicts if you are in possession of relevant video evidence.

By working with DETECTER, you can monitor, detect, and respond to any intrusions on your construction site. Our team can handle emergency response needs at your construction site. By utilising a remote monitoring system, operators can very quickly respond to security breaches, alerting emergency services if needed. Audible alarms act as an important deterrent for intruders and can be completely automated and integrated with Command Center remote monitoring. Some of these systems will include remote monitoring from a company that will contact fire and medical authorities in the event of a fire. By doing so, they are not only helping people stay safe, but also protecting the company from potential legal situations. COMPANY is now part of the GardaWorld family of companies, all services are now offered under the ECAM brand. These required that all homes in Scotland must have a smoke alarm on every storey including hallways and landings and a smoke alarm in the most frequented part of the house, such as the lounge. Don’t just fit a smoke alarm in your hall.