Our quality of service is further underpinned by our many industry accreditations including BAFE, the FIA and NICEIC to name a few. Bullet CCTV cameras get their name from their long cylindrical shape. Radio (or wireless) fire alarms work in much the same way an addressable system, however, like the name suggests, everything works without wires. Has activated to warn that there may be a fire. The temporary electrical system for example a large event, may include several electrical systems, each system is recorded on a G1 form with an associated G2 form which is used to record the test results for that system. But it’s not just peace of mind that our fire alarms provide – installing a Triton Security fire alarm system can also significantly lower your insurance premiums. Tragically, people have died thinking a real fire was ‘just another false alarm’. Many houses only have one, though if you do intend to use smoke detectors, the safest way to spread them out is one to each room, except for the kitchen, where it’s a little too likely to react to cooking. Some fire stations offer smoke alarms at little or no cost. We offer effective and reliable fire alarms to suit every type and size of commercial premises or public building and all our fire alarm systems can be tailor-made to suit your particular set of requirements.

Effective fire detection protects your business, saves lives, and helps you meet your fire safety responsibilities. From events management to traffic control, or blocking off unused roadways, concrete barrier hire protects against multiple forms of criminal activity by making your location inaccessible to vehicles. Hire as well as for sale to facilities companies. Well we can help – call Carrier Rental Systems now for a fast, competitive temporary air conditioning hire quote. If you hear a smoke alarm go off in a neighbour’s property, check it out and call 999 immediately if you suspect a fire. We are also able to incorporate manual fire alarm points, smoke and heat detectors and even integrated public address systems should they be required. Triton Security offers a comprehensive range of fire alarms to protect your premises against fire and smoke damage. Whether it’s our state of the art fire alarms or our sophisticated CCTV systems, we make sure that your building is provided with a high level, 24/7 security needed for you to be able to sleep soundly each night. We have technicians who pride themselves on providing excellent customer service, whether you have a commercial or industrial building.

Thankfully, there are more cost-effective deterrents that construction companies can use to transform their security systems from reactive to proactive – actively deterring threats and providing real-time monitoring that facilitates an immediate reaction from the emergency services. Scaffolding – a resource often used by criminals to gain further access to property, all types of scaffolding, including scaffolding towers and ladders should be locked away when not in use. Construction is a vast and valuable industry which involves both the storage and on-going use of high value vehicles, materials, tools and machinery. For music festivals, markets, or temporary sites with a high background noise level, the Howler fire alarms are an excellent choice. DO NOT try and enter the property yourselves if you think there is a fire. Property by fire can be devastating. For more information on our fire alarm services please contact Triton Security today. Aspiration Systems are best suited to more difficult environments. If you’d like to hear more about the fire alarm systems we can provide you, then please get in touch. There is a common misconception between what is classed as a ‘false’ fire alarm and an ‘unwanted’ fire alarm activation, so firstly, we need to differentiate between ‘false’ fire alarms and an ‘unwanted’ fire alarm.

The most common reason for a smoke alarm failing to activate was because the fire was outside of its range. We possess a vast amount of knowledge regarding fire alarms, emergency lighting, https://www.detecter.co.uk/cctv-towers/ fire extinguishers and fire risk assessments based in Leeds. The business: To install and maintain fire alarm systems to meet the requirements of British Standard 5839 and emergency lighting to British Standard 5266. The Maintenance Division provides the company with a 24 hour – 365 days a year emergency call out operation to compliment its overall service. We provide free quotations and a 24-hour emergency service you can rely on with our professional and efficient fire safety services. Twin wire fire alarm systems are exactly like a conventional system, however, they allow you to install sounders on the same circuit, saving you the cost and hassle of installing a separate sounder circuit at the same premises. Scaffolding and ladders on all construction sites, but especially in residential areas, can seem like an inviting playground for children – who do not have the ability to perceive danger in the same way as adults, that is why construction site security is essential.