Our rope access rescue technicians can provide safety system installations and safety rescue cover at any height and within any confined space. This type of temporary fencing can be used long term. With temporary fire alarms, the battery can also typically last for over two years, making it a cost-effective option for protecting your construction site from fire. A home CCTV system is a great option for providing peace of mind, particularly when away from the property, and ensures loved ones and possessions are kept safe. An additional level of control would be the option of a manned security presence covering light and dark hours on-site. Wes fire alarms comply with Construction Products Regulations, and have the highest level of third party certification including EN54-25 pertaining to wireless radio devices used in fire alarms. Including the drastically improved measures that technology now provides, alongside new industries such as ourselves, who provide years of knowledge and experience.

These are slightly heavier at 15.9kg each; making use of Smartweld technology for added strength. With a variety of perimeter fencing options available, finding the right fit for your site is essential for ensuring the risk of unauthorised entry, theft and vandalism are minimised. Code 3 Security can install robust perimeter palisade fencing. Construction Site Security has never been so easy with Code 3 Security! This means that we can install eyes and ears on your construction site where many of our competitors will struggle. It can act as a visible deterrent to opportunistic thieves and, should the worst happen, it can provide valuable footage to help identify then prosecute any criminal who gains access. Don’t be an easy target – While most of our general Construction Signs are aimed at reducing the chances of an accident occurring, Construction Site Security Signs are there to inform those who want steal from or vandalise your property, that there are consequences to doing so. In addition to providing several security benefits, a well-lit construction site is also essential for the safety and general well-being of the workers. Providing security for these construction sites is an absolute necessity since the inability to do so may provide easy access to criminals, consequently putting the entire project and its success at risk.

Security cameras and security guards are effective at preventing crime on-site, however, security cameras that simply record are only good at providing evidence in court after the crime has already occurred. Normally, an audio warning is enough to encourage intruders to leave the area; however, with live CCTV imaging, https://www.keysure.co.uk intruders that ignore the warning are tracked and emergency services respond much more rapidly to active monitoring reports. Operational security includes the monitoring of risk management and the supervision of health and safety protocols to ensure worker safety. The services at Detecter Systems are delivered to offer a complete range of security, health and safety services and equipment to keep your construction site secure. Locking away and security marking of plant, tools and equipment. Theft of expensive materials and equipment can disrupt business operations drastically and put a huge dent in your wallet! If the system alone does not scare off the intruder, the monitoring station can then contact the key holders and police as necessary. Sitecam provides a quick police response to genuine threats.

These towers have been specifically designed with quick deployment in-mind and are ideal for construction site CCTV. The systems’ test function also facilitates a quick weekly test procedure, ensuring your health and safety measures always stay up-to-scratch. Fire Protection Shop specialise in the supply of quality fire extinguishers and other fire safety products to homes and businesses alike. A number of TPC schemes cover fire alarms. Unlike the wireless detection systems above, the CCTV towers offer continuous video recording via a PTZ camera head and can be extended for use with a number of static bullet cameras. Code 3 Security’s camera systems are well suited to optimising Construction Site Security, where things such as hardwired mains power are not always readily available on grounds of practicality and cost. The monitoring station receive alarm output from the PIR sensor fixed to the camera towers, and have real time access to video footage. FRG SmartSite Detect fully wireless systems are designed and tested for use in challenging construction site conditions, alerting potential security breaches in real time with video verification. One important step in this strategy is to ensure that the perimeter of your site is secure. One of the most common threats to construction site security is theft.

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