Construction Site Security These fire alarms are really quick and easy to install, you don’t want to waste precious time wiring a full system that eventually will need to be moved – a lot of construction sites don’t even have power outlets to set up a wired system. Modern structures, such as turnstile access control systems help overcome thieves as they don’t include the traditional forms of security such as locks, which many are skilled at picking. Construction site theft is fairly common due to the large amounts of valuable materials and equipment that provides thieves with a quick and easy profit. ExcluSec understands that collaborative working on-site is the best method to ensure the safety of workers and equipment. ExcluSec provide a professional, reliable and accredited construction site security services to clients across the North West and UK. When it comes to construction security, we have worked with clients, all with slightly different needs. Knowing that you have a trained SIA licensed security officer on-site can often be reassuring for project or site managers, as there is always someone to respond to threats as they arise. A sign that shows that the site is being monitored, with CCTV, will deter them from committing the act as there is more chance that they will get caught and arrested.

CCTV, or closed-circuit television, is a system that allows you to keep an eye on what’s going on in and around your business. This allows for double block and bleed, with vent to safe area. At 1st Class Protection, we can assist you in construction site security methods, such as creating a storage area and by implementing an inventory list that will be strictly protected by our on-site security guards. These towers have been specifically designed with quick deployment in-mind and are ideal for construction site CCTV. Unlike the wireless detection systems above, the CCTV towers offer continuous video recording via a PTZ camera head and can be extended for use with a number of static bullet cameras. Wireless camera detection systems have been around for a number of years. Construction sites reportedly have the highest number of workplace accidents across all industries, except for drilling and mining. Our SafeContractor and CHAS accreditations also give you the peace of mind that health and safety standards will remain at the highest level at all times.

On activation of the unit the powerful 118dBA siren will begin to sound. Each guard must demonstrate a sound understanding of them before commencing duties onsite. They must not be able to tilt or pull away from the ladder – rungs should not be exposed at the front or be climbable from the rear. When considering a construction security plan, site managers must consider any vulnerabilities that may lead to theft and pilferage of valuable assets such as machinery, raw materials, and tools. Do You Have any Construction Security Testimonials? All of these items have a resale value, whilst items such as fuel have an off-set cost value, making construction sites a highly profitable magnet for criminals. Hourly check points, random checks, entrance screening and mobile patrols that will be carried out through the night, will all contribute to making sure your expensive items of machinery remain untouched. On site, our construction security team will identify any potential weaknesses and establish a perimeter so that they can be immediately managed or, where possible, eliminated. Construction site security should always be taken seriously.

It is therefore important for us to ensure our security guards can handle any emergency response situations on site when they arise and that they are First Aid trained as standard. Every industry and sector have different requirements when it comes to surveillance, so we are happy to discuss what your individual requirements for this would be. Our guards, many of whom have law enforcement and/or military backgrounds, are professional and assertive, yet personable and highly trained to work in a construction or industrial environment. This will reflect physical and operational security, as well as the changes that need to take place across each phase of work. Thereafter, we will implement entry screenings and conduct regular perimeter patrols so that only those authorised have site access, especially after work hours. If you would like to know more about common security guarding shift patterns and coverage, we go into a little more detail about common security guarding patterns in our advice centre post: Security Guarding Shift Patterns & Coverage Hours. Our construction site security guarding service is unparalleled and incorporates regular perimeter patrols, incident reporting, emergency procedures and much more. A physical guarding presence has long been the preferred option for many construction companies when looking to secure their sites.