Temporary Fire Alarm Systems Millennium Security is a leading UK provider of construction site security solutions, including biometric access control, advanced CCTV systems and other wireless technology. CCTV solutions, infra-red monitoring and wireless sensors to immediately detect activity. AI in CCTV cameras has improved security even further, facial recognition can be used to instantly match a provided photo to stored historic surveillance footage. Ensure the security of the footage you capture – in other words, holding it securely and making sure nobody can watch it without good reason. You can choose between either having a standard fire alarm, and a ‘lite’ version which is good if you want just one alarm and call point in a small area. Sites that are under construction, particularly when in a public area or an area easily accessible by the public, are tremendously vulnerable and dangerous places, rife with potential dangers. Here are some things to consider when selecting the best security camera to monitor a construction area. This makes it mission-critical to monitor every entrance. Access Control – Preventing unauthorised access to a site is key to not only deterring crime but ensure safety standards are met throughout the construction of a project.

If you are seeking tailored guidance on securing a construction site in line with the individual risks you have identified, Barry Bros Security can provide the assistance you need. If asked by an individual or the ICO, you will need to be able to explain your reasons, so you should write them down now. An “unwanted fire signal” can be caused by a variety of reasons, most of which can be eliminated by careful planning. They should be relied on only to stop opportunistic thieves as can be easily defeated with planning and cheap, readily available, power tools. Secure Storage – Secure storage offers not only physical protection against theft of tools and materials, but also shielding from elements. Plant Immobilisation & Tracking – Immobilisation & tracking tools used in conjunction with highly visible signage provides an effective deterrent as well assisting law enforcement in recovering stolen goods, reducing the profit criminal organisations can make. Security Lighting – A cost effective solution to reducing crime, it removes the illusion of being hidden at construction site entrances, often one of the first recommendations in a risk analysis. In addition, there should be no projecting first lift transoms or ledgers that may aid climbing; and the use of scaffold fans, or sheeting of lifts can also help deter opportunistic access.

However, his design was largely unpopular and received little attention at first. Back in 1890, Francis Robbins Upton patented the design of the modern fire alarm. Toronto Fire deputy chief Jim Jessop said everyone should know what to do in a fire and to practise an escape plan. CCTV a fantastic deterrent to criminal behaviour, as many criminals will know the danger for prosecution if caught by CCTV. This also means that at the end of the shift, you know when everyone has signed out and can check the site is secure. As you’ll probably realise by now there’s a vast range of security options for construction site security, using every solution would likely dig deep in to profits margins which we fully understand are major concerns. Contact Mobile Video Guard and speak to an expert today about any construction site security concerns. Our construction site security guarding and monitoring services ensure that sites run as smoothly and successfully as possible.

Vavant Property Security When taking sensible measures, protecting a construction site out of hours is perfectly possible. Security Guards – Security guards form the core of any secure premises, preventing unauthorised persons from entering the site. No matter how large or small your site, we will deploy a suitable team of guards who will ensure the level of security never drops and you can feel confident that your site is protected, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As such it’s vital construction sites take physical security seriously using methods like secure storage, CCTV, manned guards and perimeter detection systems to secure smaller non trackable inventory. Should either of these monitored systems be triggered a mobile response officer will be dispatched to ensure no damage occurs to property. The last thing you want to happen is to continuously replace alarms due to damage or short-lived batteries. The intruder may also have more sinister motives with intent to steal or cause damage. The most weatherproof security cameras have an IP68 weatherproof rating. The dome enclosure of the camera is IP68 rated. The plastic dome is a hard polycarbonate plastic. This infrared dome security camera is an excellent choice for a construction site.