But it’s not just peace of mind that our fire alarms provide – installing a Triton Security fire alarm system can also significantly lower your insurance premiums. Twin wire fire alarm systems are exactly like a conventional system, however, they allow you to install sounders on the same circuit, saving you the cost and hassle of installing a separate sounder circuit at the same premises. As projects are built or as the landscape changes, so does the site. This makes it easier to know who is supposed to be there, has been inducted, and is safe on site. While materials and equipment are on site, keep an accurate inventory and make sure you always know where items are located. They are a cost-effective and reliable deterrent, operating on long-life batteries allowing for off-grid remote security. We fully comply with all BS5839 standards, allowing you to have peace of mind with our quality solutions. Among the most effective solutions are those which offer a complete package – comprising not just the cameras themselves, https://www.detecter.co.uk/scaffolding-alarms/ but the expertise to man them twenty-four hours a day. Working with our customers we understand that the benefits of a wireless system are hampered if it is not simple to set-up and operates.

Temporary Construction Security An alternative to wireless camera detection systems are rapid deployment CCTV camera towers. Modern structures, such as turnstile access control systems help overcome thieves as they don’t include the traditional forms of security such as locks, which many are skilled at picking. Fences, locks, and lights are powerful criminal deterrents. Construction site temporary fire alarms can be moved around easily, this is perfect as these sites are constantly changing and developing. The Tough Guard range of temporary fire alarm systems are an ideal system for use on building site. For example standalone temporary fire alarms don’t need a control panel to function, but on a larger site not having interlinked fire alarms means limited coverage per alarm. Smoke alarms can be lifesavers, if they are working. Lifting the cover causes the user to focus more on what they are doing. Addressable fire systems have the added ability to transmit data to the user such as the exact location of a fire. Whether these be formal training sessions or educative notices, ensuring building occupants have knowledge of the kind of activities that will cause a false alarm will play a vital part in reducing the number of false alarms you experience.

Our Alarms use a simple plug. Much of it is simple common sense -. There is a common misconception between what is classed as a ‘false’ fire alarm and an ‘unwanted’ fire alarm activation, so firstly, we need to differentiate between ‘false’ fire alarms and an ‘unwanted’ fire alarm. The most common reason for a smoke alarm failing to activate was because the fire was outside of its range. The standard is enforced by the right of tenants to apply to the First-tier Tribunal for Scotland (Housing and Property Chamber), so if you believe that your landlord is failing to comply, you can apply to the first-tier tribunal. DO NOT try and enter the property yourselves if you think there is a fire. Determine the most appropriate locations to install your fire alarm system so it can work as effectively as possible. Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) works by placing video cameras at strategic locations on site, with footage being recorded or transmitted in real-time to be monitored and reviewed on screens, usually by security personnel. This includes an impenetrable and unclimbable perimeter fence or security hoardings, securely locked access gates that cannot be lifted or used to climb into the site, noticeable CCTV cameras and potentially an on-site security guard or security dogs.

Leisure Guard Security offers a fully qualified, proactive and professional solution for your construction site security needs in Greater Manchester and the North West of England. By displaying a ‘Caution Guard Dogs on Patrol’ Sign you significantly decrease the chances of illegal trespassing on your construction site. There are also signs available designed to minimise security alerts and maintain on-site vigilance, such as the ‘Do Not Leave Baggage or Parcels Unattended’ Sign and the ‘Report Any Suspicious Behaviour Immediately’ Sign. No matter what you need, our bespoke solutions are offered at competitive prices, so request a call back today to discuss your requirements. C&M Fire Alarms provide affordable fire safety solutions to commercial, industrial and residential businesses across the South East and London. We offer effective and reliable fire alarms to suit every type and size of commercial premises or public building and all our fire alarm systems can be tailor-made to suit your particular set of requirements.