Temporary Construction Security The construction security team are therefore responsible for designing a solution to account for any such potential breaches in internal security. Our security site guards are Health and Safety trained and we can provide them with a range of equipment including body worn cameras, full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), two way radios, high visibility jackets or any other uniform or equipment required. The impact of COVID-19 has added an extra layer to your list of challenges, forcing us all to approach our working practices in a different way. ExcluSec understands that collaborative working on-site is the best method to ensure the safety of workers and equipment. Security professionals have the relevant knowledge and experience to give expert advice and offer the best solutions to not just deter, but also detect, delay, and respond to all kinds of security threats. Our commitment to offering the very best industrial and construction security does not differ compared with other sectors, and we always work towards the same fundamentals: protecting life, protecting property, assets and premises, preventing and deterring crime, violence and monetary losses, as well creating and promoting a safe environment. Not only do these signs have the clearly defined purpose of deterring criminals and discouraging dangerous activity, but they can also help to ensure people on your site feel safe and protected.

On detection of unauthorised activity on-site, security operators working from the observation centre can issue an audio warning, deterring intruders from venturing further on-site. We can install and maintain CCTV camera systems using state-of-the-art technologies that our team of experienced technicians can help you plan and setup, we make sure every angle is covered by CCTV, including implementing car park security. Ideally suited to larger buildings and high occupancy properties such as schools, hospitals, residential homes, flat/office blocks and hotels, addressable systems are highly intelligent solutions that can not only help to reduce “false alarm” rates but also cut off factors such as lifts or ovens in the case of an emergency. Temporary site fire alarms are an integral part of the necessary requirements, and this article is intended to help you choose the correct varieties to suit your individual needs. To find out more about how 1st Class Protection can help tighten your industrial and construction site security, why not give us a call today.

A more ‘top-end’ construction site CCTV system (analytic CCTV) will provide you with numerous features, including… So, what does COVID-19 compliance look like on a construction site? Here are some tips for improving construction site security. To get the full run-down of your CCTV for construction site and security guarding options, click here. Video verification not only eliminates all false alarms but also ensures priority response by the police and security officers. 3. When the intrusion is genuine our operators can issue audio warnings, dispatch a mobile security team and call the police or emergency services to site as required. Whilst we’re all aware of the security challenges you face on your construction site, overcoming them is the biggest challenge of all. Another key challenge for your construction site security is whether you opt for a CCTV monitoring system or a physical presence. Do You Provide CCTV Monitoring for Construction Site Security? Effective construction site security hinges on accepting that anyone can be a criminal – employees and authorized site visitors are behind many thefts.

Temporary Fire Alarm Systems Combined with motion sensors, and placed on all the key locations of the site, CCTV cameras offer round-the-clock security that not just deters criminals but also helps catch them if they try to gain unauthorised entry. In addition to security guards, both human and canine, another effective method to secure your construction site is via the installation of a good quality, up to date CCTV camera system, specifically designed for construction sites. Adana also deploy the latest in electronic security and detection systems, from wireless CCTV with monitoring, to Fire Detection and fully-monitored Alarm Systems supported by our Mobile Response teams. Crays Fire have a vast experience in supplying and installing temporary Fire Alarm Systems for protecting Construction Sites, using the Electro Detectors range of radio based alarm and detection equipment. We offer highly trained construction site security guarding services and systems across London and for construction site security recommend a hybrid approach combining physical security with highly visible CCTV, alarm systems and signage. There are many different types of security fencing applicable to the construction industry. You can read through our testimonials, which include our long-standing client – My Construction Ltd, who said they would “highly recommend” our services and that “the quality of their guards is such a reassurance to everyone on site.” To find out more about how we can provide first-class construction security, get in touch today.