To become less vulnerable to criminal activity, construction sites need to adopt strict security measures and invest in a comprehensive security solution that will not just deter threats, but also detect, and possibly delay them by providing an immediate response. Whatever the budget, we have the solution. Now the occasions have improved and so that they can protect plus secure the property fire burglar systems are strongly suggested. Fuel theft is difficult to trace and can be extremely costly to construction since none of the machines can operate without it, and stealing it may cause damage to the fuel tanks which may delay the project. Operational cost – few plant vehicles or generators can function without fuel. In addition to stealing tools and machinery, another high-value product that is particularly popular among thieves is the fuel that is used to power generators and vehicles across the site. With the heavy amount of foot traffic, vehicles and equipment requiring access into the premises, and the generally hectic nature of a construction site, it can be a little difficult to keep up with security.

Temporary Construction Security As your technical eyes and ears, they help your existing security guards, or can work on their own to help monitor any potential thieves. Dummy CCTV cameras are a great deterrent for potential intruders at a fraction of the cost. Lighting is an effective security measure that must be fitted all around the construction site to act as a deterrent against intruders and trespassers. Other ways to prevent climbing is to install anti-climb or welded mesh fencing as they not only reduce unauthorised access through climbing but also make the intruders visible. According to the UK’s Security and Resilience Industry Suppliers Community (RISC), perimeter security must be at least 2.4 metres high to make it difficult for thieves to climb. You must make sure that you store all equipment and tools away from the perimeter so that it becomes more difficult for thieves to access them from the outside, and also prevent construction workers from slipping them through the fence for their gain. What comes to your mind when you think of construction site perimeter security?

Managing and operating technology which supports security, such as setting alarms and automated systems (particularly important as the site develops and areas become additionally or differently vulnerable). Commercial CCTV is designed to monitor larger areas. Theft is a constant concern for construction companies working on residential and commercial sites. This makes them even more vulnerable to theft and vandalism and has caused construction crime to become a serious national concern quickly. So, even essentially the most wary homeowner seriously isn’t immune with a house criticism. Solely relying on people witnessing a crime isn’t enough. However, merely installing the barriers is not enough. Construction sites are high-profile public spaces full of valuable items, many of which are small or light enough to be quickly and imperceptibly removed. For small scaffolds it is common practice for the builder to provide the bottom lift ladder and to take this ladder away each night. A lot of construction work is carried out during the night time to cause less disruption during the day, making it all the more important to provide a high level of temporary lighting to help identify and possibly avoid any hazards. In addition to their high containment level and low working width, the low space requirement and slim construction of the elements contributes greatly to increasing road safety.

In the workplace, you know the safety of everyone working or visiting is important. Working with the professionals roots out every potential risk to your site while covering every base a criminal might exploit. Working as a team helps prevent the many weaknesses created by underestimating the threat. Guidance developed by the National Business Crime Centre and the Metropolitan Police in partnership with the Considerate Constructors Scheme has recently been created with the aim to give advice on how best to secure the construction site in order to offer the benefits of a low crime development from the moment the hoarding goes up until the development is handed over to the client. Give them a copy of the data. The removal of these ladders from site is particularly important where it is difficult to fence a site, such as scaffold on some occupied domestic properties or scaffold onto a pavement where pedestrian access beneath the scaffold must be maintained. What does ‘private domestic property’ mean? You can also have up to 20 of these linked on a wired system, which means they all get activated at the same time.