Protect Your Construction Site, Vacant Property and Workers.

Fire safety is one of the biggest concerns on a building site. We provide the solution to protecting your property, construction projects and workers.

Did You Know?

Fires are a major concern for any construction site. Moreover, they can have a wide range of effects on the site, depending on the size and intensity of the fire itself. For example, if the fire is small and confined to one small area of the building, it may not cause much damage to other areas or structures in close proximity to it. However, if it is large and widespread, then there could be significant structural damage throughout.

Incidents of fires on building sites are not uncommon, with buildings being damaged or destroyed, resulting in your construction or property losing money.

Find The Fire Alarm That Keeps Safety In Mind

The need for temporary fire alarms is on the rise, but the restrictive requirements make it hard to find a fire alarm that can be installed in construction sites and vacant properties. Protect your construction site or vacant premise and give your construction workers a safe working environment with the help of the right fire alarm system.

Get The Fire Safety and Security Your Site Needs

The Detecter fire alarm range offers three levels of protection. We give you the fire safety and security that your site needs. Construction sites are notorious for being high-risk areas for fires because of the materials that are used.

The common site materials are known to easily start a fire, cause the fire to spread quickly, and prove difficult to extinguish. Vacant properties can also be high-risk for fires due to vandals or arsonists setting them ablaze, and they could easily engulf nearby structures as well.

Our fire alarm security systems are perfect for your site because:

  • They don’t require cable runs.
  • They are completely wireless.
  • They are Battery-powered.
  • They can be placed where you need them.
  • Locations can be changed as your project progresses.
  • It provides your workers with a safe working environment and peace of mind.

Our wireless alarm system range is constantly changing to suit your needs, whether it’s for a building project or to protect your property from possible vandalism.

Our Fire Alarm Range Is Want You Needs

Wireless fire alarm systems are getting more popular because they don’t require new installations, and their locations can be changed if the worksite moves. This means that your property is covered all around without any of the fuss.

Our temporary fire alarm systems are available across the UK. No minimum hire period is required. We offer a system that is 100% wireless and is battery-powered. It offers up to 30 sensors that can be installed on a single site with a distance span of 5km.

Detecter’s fire alarm range offers you three levels of protection as we often pair our systems with wireless security and intruder detection systems, highly recommended under the joint Code of Practice.

Learn More About Detecter Temporary Fire Systems

We install howler fire alarm systems in construction sites and vacant properties across the UK. We keep in mind that fire security is about rapid and early awareness and should be compliant with current rules and regulations. For this reason, these systems can be installed anywhere and come with a host of features that is perfect for building sites and vacant premises.

These products features include:

  • High-intensity LED red flashing beacons fitted as standard. Ideal for places with very noisy environments.
  • Noise level in the range of 100dB at 1 metre
  • Operated with push on/off switch.
  • Able to withstand any weather conditions, perfect for outdoor and indoor locations.
  • Battery-powered making it replaceable.
  • Wireless – no wiring required for linking.
  • LED lights illuminate and offer continuous monitoring if any unit becomes disconnected.

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It’s become more challenging to protect buildings from fire risks. The growing number of one-hour fire ratings, meaning the time it takes for a building to be consumed by full-blown flames, has caused the need for high-tech temporary fire alarm systems that can accommodate the many different layout requirements.

So, if you’re looking for a high-quality, long-lasting, and cost-effective way to protect your construction site or vacant property from fire risk, get in touch for a quote today!