These are all consequences that could have been prevented with the help of appropriate construction site security. However, these are unsuitable for larger sites where it may be difficult for everyone on the site to hear the alarm. After all, theft and/or vandalism of the construction site not only results in a lot of extra costs, they also cause delays, which means that the project is delivered later than anticipated. This is often the case when sites are inadequately secured against trespass and vandalism. Without effective security measures, construction sites are easy targets for thieves and vandals. The harder the site looks to gain access to, the less likely thieves or vandals will attempt to gain entry. As well as the threats to operations, property and life, the actions of thieves who’ve gained access through inadequately secured sites threatens site owners or managers with liability for further loss and damage. There should be a number of construction site security measures in place to make opportunistic thieves think twice about attempting a breach.

Construction security is an important consideration for site operators who must comply with health and safety legislation around unauthorised entry onto building sites, as well as keep their workforce and passers-by safe. Fires during construction, whether accidental or via intentional arson, must be monitored at all times to protect the lives of workers and safeguard the building investment. According to the CCTV code of practice issued by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), you must have a legitimate reason for using CCTV cameras, taking special care as to not infringe on other people’s privacy and ensuring the safety of the recorded data. Warning signage and out-of-hours security contact information are essentials. Regular maintenance visits are carried out by a Millennium Security engineer to reassess the requirements of your developing site. At Calder Security, we understand the unique needs and requirements of different types of properties including construction sites and provide a comprehensive security solution that includes not just professional installation of security systems but also their monitoring, maintenance, and repair. Study your requirements before you install your CCTV safety system. They are also excellent for personal safety use, for example when camping with family.

Key ones are LPCB LPS1014 and BAFE SP203-1. While testing fire alarms is a necessary part of fire safety we have done our best to ensure it is not a chore, we provide secure key fobs for test and reset control. To prevent confusion fire drills should be carried out to ensure both the sound of the warning. The below video clip shows just how effective an audio warning given by a Farsight remote CCTV monitoring operator in real time… Some of these systems will include remote monitoring from a company that will contact fire and medical authorities in the event of a fire. They work using a series of sensors that may include motion, infrared, ultrasonic, microwave, magnetic, photoelectric, and glass-break detectors, that go off as soon as an intrusion is detected and may either set off a loud siren with flashing lights or simply send an alert to the site manager, supervisor, and the authorities to take action. Those manning the system will immediately review the intrusion. However, if you can make room in the budget for it, the enhanced reliability and the ability to put more sophisticated detectors in some places, such as the kitchen, are good reasons to purchase such a system.

They are also used in the construction industry to dry concrete. Burglaries but is also a great safety feature for construction sites. These fire alarms have a strobe feature to provide extra warning in the event of a fire taking place in dark or noisy conditions. Intruder detection warning systems. As fire system specialists, we have access to the highest quality and most reliable conventional, addressable and wireless fire detection systems. It’s also possible to fit extra automatic ‘fire suppression’ systems at home – that’s things like sprinklers. Live monitoring purposes is like getting an entire television network devoted to the security of your property. Our system can detect heat or smoke and, like all our alarms, is monitored 24/7 by our alarm-receiving centre. The video-enabled alarm units have 24/7 real-time connection to a BS-EN50518 accredited ARC (alarm receiving centre). Security alarms can also be integrated with other security systems such as CCTV cameras, providing the ARC with video verified alarms and higher on-site visibility and control, recovery of stolen goods, and an increased chance of catching the criminals.

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