Detecter Engineering Security Systems

According to a recent report from the CEA (Construction Equipment Association), there was over a 50% rise in crimes associated with both construction and engineering sites during lockdown – with the figures rising steadily ever since. When you consider the fact that engineer sites were always a target for thieves beforehand, this is particularly startling. 

As a result, engineering site owners must ensure that they are taking all of the necessary safety precautions to protect these sites and the expensive equipment and properties stored within them. Failure to do so could result in significant financial losses for company owners, in addition to project delays and unhappy clientele. 

Detecter makes engineer security easy by providing you with the perfect temporary security systems that can be used in the process of any engineering project you may undertake. For example, this could include wireless alarms, which will allow you to see everything that happens on-site – even when you aren’t there. This means that you’ll be able to see instant alerts when an intruder enters your property and can notify the authorities. Other engineering security tools include CCTV towers. 

Detecter also has access to the relevant fire safety tools, such as temporary fire alarm systems, which are useful in all spaces, but particularly those where fires could be disastrous (such as around expensive engineering equipment).

To put it simply, Detecter’s temporary security systems give business owners and engineers the peace of mind they need to operate a safe workplace. This means they’ll no longer have to worry about safety measures and can instead focus on the job at hand.