Physical detection systems such as the solutions outlined below often come at a reduced ongoing cost and prevent any threat to human life. Moxa’s comprehensive IP CCTV solutions include IP video products, network switches, wireless communications, video management software, and NVR platforms for rolling stock applications. Train operators can realize the full potential of IP CCTV cameras by increasing onboard camera coverage. RaiderVision is a full service construction site security solution. We provide an emergency call out service for false alarms. There are many online stores that offer First Alert Fire Alarms for sale. Some fire stations offer smoke alarms at little or no cost. Security lights can work alongside other security systems such as motion sensors and security alarms where they automatically turn on as soon as someone steps foot under them and also sound an alarm to scare away the intruders and alert the people around of the intrusion. For example, automatic train operation systems rely on wireless train-to-ground communications so the central control room can directly control and manage onboard train operations.

In order to meet these growing requirements, wireless devices must be able to consistently deliver sufficient bandwidth to support all of the emerging applications that count on train-to-ground communications. Network devices and systems that come with an industrial auto-configure function are a huge benefit to operators, especially to those who want to mass-deploy network devices. Our goal is to make sure that our systems function to the specifications we advertise and meet the security needs of our customers. They must make each rung unusable – i.e. no more than 50mm of rung should be exposed when the guard is pushed as far sideways as possible. These systems work to make your job easier. To add to this, IP CCTV in rail systems must deliver continuous performance and crystal-clear image quality in light as well as dark environments, regardless of their installation condition and their location. The best infrared CCTV cameras have built-in “Smart IR”.

This means that system integrators and operators have the difficult task of integrating these multi-vendor components into the underlying Ethernet network and making them work in tandem to derive the best performance possible. All six are rugged and come with M12 Ethernet connectors, PoE input, and comply with key EN 50155 and EN 50121-3-2 criteria. In addition to IP cameras, Moxa provides EN 50155 M12 Ethernet switches, EN 50155 NVR, EN 50155 wireless APs, and computers. Every installation environment. Moxa provides six different types of EN 50155-certified IP cameras that can be deployed as consist IP cameras, rear-view IP cameras, and also flush-mounted as hidden IP cameras. To simplify configuration, all EN 50155 products are equipped with Moxa FLI™ configuration technology, which automates network settings and device configuration. These cameras are the first in the world to be compliant with the higher EN 50155 TX criteria. Fast and secure roaming with high throughput and millisecond-level handover time, and reliable networks for seamless exchange of data required for secure operations between the train and ground are the minimum capabilities sought in a T2G network. Networks need to deliver high levels of bandwidth and availability in order to support CCTV, PA, alarm, and control systems, all on the same network.

Since some of these cameras are used on the exterior of trains, they should also support a de-mist feature to deliver high quality images in rain and fog conditions. They are also expected to deliver good quality fast imaging in environments with quickly changing lighting conditions. For example, the transition from light to dark environments and back when the train goes through a tunnel should be smooth. For example, the PoE construction site security system RLK8-410B4 with 4 units of 4MP/5MP HD security cameras helps keep tabs on your construction site around the clock. At 123CCTV we pride ourselves with being passionate about security camera products and helping our customers have peace of mind that not only they can keep an eye on their property and loved ones, but also that they have purchased equipment from one of the few companies that really cares about people. One of the biggest challenges in modern rolling stock systems is establishing a solid and dependable communications network between a fast-moving train and the stations along the track. The SSAIB’s new Code of Practice for temporary alarm systems will assist in safeguarding construction areas, vacant premises and other buildings at risk from vandalism, arson, squatters, criminal damage and other harmful attacks.

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