CCTV security camera systems are considered by some to be the most reliable type of surveillance system. CCTV systems have many benefits, whether as a way to potentially identify trespassers and burglars or as a highly effective visual deterrent. Cygnus products are indeed redefining the way you can ensure the safety of your worksite. CCTV networks are commonly employed to detect and deter criminal activities and record traffic infractions, but they also have other uses. All of our kits can be configured to suit your commercial installation or home CCTV system with minimal fuss. Those were the top reasons why you need CCTV security systems installed in your home or commercial establishment. How often should a fire alarm be tested in commercial premises? Video monitoring (or closed-circuit television (CCTV)) is a security monitoring system that used to watch over a premises. Duties can include patrolling the perimeter providing a deterrence for crime, vandalism, trespassing and anti-social behaviour, monitoring CCTV, rapid response and skillful de-escalation of threats. All cameras should be monitored from the main entrance to check for any suspicious activity; in this way many threats can be diffused before they become a problem. Sensors interlinked with engine management systems, or complete 3rd party systems such as vibrations sensors working in co-ordination with your security company are an effective way of securing site machinery.

What is Third Party Certification? The HSE manager’s role is to ensure the construction management plan has solutions to mitigate all safety, security and environmental challenges during a project. Every stolen or damaged item must be repaired or replaced, which adds time and cost to any project. 2. The clip is sent to the FRG Central Control room where our team of SIA licensed operators view the footage in real time. Gas stations use HD CCTV Camera Systems so if a customer claims they were returned an incorrect amount of change, a user can view the transaction at full speed and even slow it down. If the construction site or job site has network coverage, you could use construction site security camera systems to record the whole construction progress but also view footage remotely on a mobile phone, computer or web browsers. That means live incidents can be viewed on-premises or remotely from a smartphone or desktop computer. Internet Protocol (IP) Cameras offer similar functionality to analog cameras but have higher resolution, remote zoom, repositioning capability, and can receive real-time images and notifications via a web browser or other software.

Free Windows. Mac software. We also ship a free 19” flat panel monitor with each camera system offer warranty for 1-2 years. Some surveillance systems require a more demanding camera which can be controlled remotely to zoom in and move from side to side. Maintaining CCTV systems is thought to be easier than an IP camera system because of the simplicity of the components. Dallas Security Systems, Inc. (DSS) designs, sells, installs and services Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) systems of all sizes and applications. Our CCTV systems are often integrated with access control, intrusion detection and intercoms for a complete facility security program. Obtaining a CCTV safety program for video surveillance. When connecting a surveillance system, there is an instant video connection to the recorder or monitor. In a typical installation, a total of 3 wires is ran to the camera from a digital video recorder. CCTV systems can be cheaper than network security camera systems. These video surveillance systems are comprised of video cameras, video recorders, TV/computer monitors, CCTV software, and various other components.

Samsung’s Coaxitron recorders, for example, are able to control PTZ cameras through coaxial cable. HDCVI video technology supports video resolution up to 4K to be sent over a coax cable up to 1600ft. HDCVI is a great choice for installations where there is existing coax cabling in place from older CCTV systems, or where long cable runs are required. IP cameras use network cabling to transmit video as a data signal that can be sent directly to a PoE NVR or over a computer network. Many include a computer with a DVR capture card already installed and tested. The purpose of these systems is to capture live events, archive footage, and actively monitor various aspects of a property. In addition to IP based systems, we offer excellent analog systems as well. Network based cameras are recommended for new installations as they offer cutting edge technology. In this case, our experts might recommend a balun for your system which will let you send video, power, and data on one network cable. Also known as network cameras or PoE cameras, IP based cameras are available in resolutions even higher than 4K Ultra HD. These types of cameras, called PTZ cameras, require an additional pair of cables to control the camera.

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