Construction site security pose significantly challenging problems to overcome when developing countermeasures to mitigate security risks. Preventing vehicle access altogether – by implementing turnstiles and restricting access points, you can get a clear picture of who is on the site and when whilst granting access to authorised personnel only. Many ways to access the site – it may well be the case that there are many access points for a construction site. Access points commonly change location as work progresses, making them more challenging to manage from a security perspective. When you don’t have to worry about damage, access control, theft, trespassing and other common issues, you and your staff can concentrate on getting the job done. There can also be the challenge that if your work is held up by security and safety issues, it may not be possible to complete it on schedule. Live monitoring purposes is like having an whole television network devoted to the safety of your… This means that there must be easy ways for workers to access the whole of the site without being impeded. Live monitoring purposes is like having an whole tv network devoted to the security of your property. As a general principle, home owners must pay for any ongoing work needed on their own property.

If materials are stolen from a site, it means that work cannot continue until new supplies have been ordered and delivered. These dangers not only concern the damage to, and stealing of contents from, the construction site, but also include the risk of harm to intruders and the general public. Alarms are an effective security measure that works to serve two basic purposes; alerting the relevant people of the intrusion and scaring away potential intruders. Normally, an audio warning is enough to encourage intruders to leave the area; however, with live CCTV imaging, intruders that ignore the warning are tracked and emergency services respond much more rapidly to active monitoring reports. Choose from a Swann imitation dome dummy CCTV camera, Panther Solar Dummy CCTV camera and more with flashing LED lights. It is best to choose bright white lights that provide good colour differentiation and make it easier to identify people and objects. It is easy for some people to assume that construction sites don’t need the same security that other types of commercial businesses do. The number of people at a site is constantly in flux with deliveries arriving and leaving. Unlike the wireless detection systems above, the CCTV towers offer continuous video recording via a PTZ camera head and can be extended for use with a number of static bullet cameras.

In addition to the three major threats discussed above, there is a range of other security risks that construction sites face. What are the security threats for construction sites? Long term construction projects are fun subjects to use a time lapse camera. For example, if you have a valuable car stored in a garage that’s away from your home, you can use wireless CCTV to keep tabs on it. Indeed, construction is a huge and highly valuable industry that inevitably makes use of a large number of high-value materials, equipment, tools and machinery. As well as the essential access control, there are a number of other measures that should be put in place to keep the site secure at all times. These include access for vehicles, site workers, authorised visitors, and sometimes parts must be made accessible to the public to allow them to get from one area to another. Firstly, it is important to point out that there are a number of security essentials that every construction site must have in place – often these are legal necessities. There a number of challenges that make construction sites difficult to prepare for from a security perspective.

Fire stations always have smoke alarms available, to make sure that there community is kept safe. The rise in technologically advanced security solutions means that you can now protect your site in a much smarter way, allowing you to create efficiencies and make long-term savings. Unfortunately, this means that there may be easy ways for trespassers to do the same. This means that the entire zone is alerted when one call point is triggered, helping to minimise the amount of damage that can be caused by a fire. Additionally, construction sites that are not adequately secured can be held liable for trespassers being injured in accidents, or due to safety issues caused by trespassers. Additionally, fuel can be stolen, and even aspects of the construction damaged, which can lead to a need for duplication of labour. You need to have a master unit, which can have up to 30 subsidiary units connected to it.