To life, including trespassers causing damage which has the potential to injure, maim or kill, such as ripping out fixtures and leaving wiring unsafe, as well as deliberate actions such as arson which threaten life as well as property. Existing level of security presence – patrols, CCTV, active response to CCTV heat or motion trigger, history of neighbours raising concern and acting to warn off trespassers. Their cur­rent cus­tomer base includes house­hold names in the con­struc­tion sec­tor, deploy­ing CCTV sys­tems to improve their site secu­ri­ty. There are many things that can guarantee security on a construction site. Wired security cameras use cables to transmit footage and conduct video surveillance, but the signal can weaken when the transmission range exceeds 300 meters. Security cameras can provide valuable evidence that may make or break the prosecution of a construction crime. At ground level the full length of the scaffold may need to be fenced. The fencing should be installed as the scaffold is built, lift by lift, which means either writing this into the scaffold contract or having a separate contractor working with the scaffolding contractor so that there is no lag between the scaffold going up and fencing being fitted.

Gaps between gates and the ground and between fixed and moveable fencing should be minimised so that small children cannot climb through or under. 9. Lock access gates after normal working hours. Ladders can give unauthorised people, especially children, and an exciting challenge to access areas they otherwise would not be able to. Scaffolding and ladders on all construction sites, but especially in residential areas, can seem like an inviting playground for children – who do not have the ability to perceive danger in the same way as adults, that is why construction site security is essential. This alert is being issued to remind contractors, and those in control of construction work involving scaffolding and access ladders, of the need to assess the site and ensure suitable and sufficient measures are in place to prevent members of the public, and especially children from climbing scaffolds and ladders. Ensure the site perimeter is secured with 2m high fencing to prevent access to children. If it butts onto another structure care should be taken to assess whether the fencing itself is creating an intermediate climbing point onto the scaffold. Where it changes form or butts against another structure it must be secured to prevent anyone squeezing through a gap.

Construction sites are so different in structure than domestic or other commercial environments since the risks are also more severe in certain areas. With workers being focused on their own areas and tasks, the site may be vulnerable to opportunists who may just walk in unchallenged to help themselves, or enter the site to check out the layout, value of assets and presence (or not) of onsite security, in order to return later for a more organised theft spree. Clients and contractors must ensure that any unauthorised access onto scaffolding is prevented, not just outside working hours, but also at times when workers are present but out of sight. Accordingly, contractors must take greater effort to ensure that the very young are not able to climb onto scaffolding. One of the main issues faced by construction contractors is that of security, with theft and vandalism costing the industry a whopping £800 million a year. Therefore, this safety alert is not aimed at preventing all urban adventurers, determined trespassers, vandals or opportunistic thieves from finding a way onto a construction site. Even when immobilised, lock vehicles and plant within a secure site compound and out of view if possible. The guard could slide even further to one side.

You might even use existing facilities. With Swann, you can use CCTV cameras inside and out. With Prime Secure remote monitoring services, your Cameras feeds are watched 24/7 by a team of security professionals, who’ll alert you (and the authorities) to any suspicious activity or behaviour on site. The extensive recordings are fantastic for helping with Construction Site Risk Assessment and helping to prevent future accidents. Compliance to the latest BS5839 fire legislation ensures early detection so that your employees can act quickly in the initial stages of a fire to significantly reduce risk to life and assets. Therefore, one of our guarding supervisors collates a set of detailed assignment instructions from you and any site-specific risk assessments, to ensure guards’ duties exactly meet the construction site security requirements. Every person on your site needs to be accounted for if there is a fire or other emergency. Question any person you suspect to be a trespasser. This is particularly important where a person has any issues that may prevent or delay their escape to ensure they are alerted to a fire as soon as possible. This may relieve any concerns they have about your use of CCTV.

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