We provide construction security

Construction is a lucrative industry turning over multi-billion-pound profits each year. And as a result, it’s a tempting target for thieves. From larger items like vehicles and machines to smaller goods like tools and materials, theft is common. Metals are often sought after, and shockingly over seven thousand metal-related thefts are recorded every month. The construction industry currently struggles significantly with lost costs through vandalism too, in fact, in 2020 alone the cost of theft and vandalism to the UK construction industry was at least £800 million. However, this is a conservative figure and since many crimes go unreported, the actual cost could be much higher. 

Understanding and being aware of the risks of thefts and the vulnerabilities of construction sites is a crucial first step in protecting your assets. Your bottom line and profit margins depend on it, so it’s not an area to overlook in the planning stages of your projects. 

There are all kinds of security strategies you can adopt in order to protect your assets and deter criminals, everything from controlled entry and exit systems to plant machinery tracking system installations. Staff awareness training and stringent protocols can be adopted as another form of protection, but one of the very best ways to protect construction sites is to invest in wider site security such as CCTV and wireless temporary security systems. These allow you to move your security efforts from site to site as you start and finish projects over time. Not only do these assist the police in catching criminals if you are targeted, but they also act as powerful deterrents.