CCTV Towers for Construction Sites

Construction sites pose a vast number of safety and security risks. Such sites are under threat of trespass and vandalism. It’s not uncommon that thieves will attempt to steal materials from construction sites. For many years, site crime has put a strain on the construction sector. Break-ins result in project delays and millions of pounds in damages. With the help of CCTV TOWERS, you can secure a large area, improving on-site safety.

If you need construction site security support, Detecter can provide fully managed solutions. We are a top provider of UK security services, offering high-quality CCTV TOWER products, to meet your construction site security needs. Detecter CCTV Tower products include a full security service. Our CCTV Tower clients benefit from:

  • A comprehensive construction site survey
  • A fast installation process.
  • Maintenance support ongoing.
  • Around-the-clock alarm monitoring.

What are the benefits of hiring a CCTV Tower?

When you hire a CCTV Tower from Detecter you’ll access plenty of benefits, such as:

  • We offer rapid-deployment systems.
  • Suitable for managing projects remotely.
  • Theft prevention features.
  • Video recording features ( including time-lapse).
  • A full security solution for your construction site.
  • Suitable for highway infrastructure or demolition.
  • Used for either long-term or temporary construction projects.
  • Tall CCTV Towers act as a visual deterrent for theft.
  • Quick and easy to install and operate.
  • CCTV Towers for vacant properties across the UK.
  • Provides a less expensive solution than security guards.
  • High-performing CCTV Towers built with cutting-edge tech.

How do Detecter CCTV Towers work?

Detecter CCTV Towers work using a 100% wireless system; providing wireless transmission of alarms and video. We offer battery-powered systems with 2G and 3G Sim Cards available. Our remote operators are able to capture images, using audio speakers and high-definition images.

CCTV Tower cameras can focus, zoom and rotate, to produce quality images. With these advanced systems, you’ll prevent security breaches, saving your company money and stress. With multiple sensors, CCTV Towers can detect any kind of suspicious activity.

Detecter Fully Managed Construction Site Security Services

At Detecter we can provide fully managed construction services for security sites. Not only do we offer Detecter CCTV Towers, but we can also provide personal security cameras (worn on the body by site workers). We can offer video production, communications on-site, or remote site access. Whatever your security needs are, rest assured Detecter can deliver.

Why choose Dectecter?

When you choose Decteter for your CCTV Tower solutions you’re choosing a top-quality provider, with plenty of experience. Our construction site security solutions are both affordable and flexible, with no minimum hire period. It’s no wonder so many construction brands choose us for their fully managed security systems. Detecter can offer both environmentally friendly and solar-powered solutions, helping you to reduce your carbon footprint. To learn more about CCTV Towers and construction site security, call Detecter today to get a quote.