Scaffolding, storage containers and the like mean there are more areas and dark corners to provide cover for anyone that has managed to get inside. Our guide will cover construction site security risks, the six key steps to combat them, and who to hire for first-class protection. Hourly check points, random checks, entrance screening and mobile patrols that will be carried out through the night, will all contribute to making sure your expensive items of machinery remain untouched. Static security staff will normally also patrol the site, check on physical security to identify possible breaches and provide a visible deterrent to anyone that may be considering illegal entry. In many cases, any one security solution may contribute to more than one of the objectives. Following a site-specific risk assessment, it should become apparent as to the level and types of security and protection that should be employed in order to meet these objectives. The following is an overview of the major security fencing types available in the UK along with their specific uses and benefits. Barrier fencing will conduct all traffic on foot or vehicular, to a single point of entry that will be constantly monitored to make sure that all access is authorised access.

These can be monitored internally by static security staff or linked to a central control room. Our state of the art surveillance technology equipment can be integrated seamlessly with automated access systems and monitored either on the premises or remotely and can be monitored constantly or motion triggered. Wireless site alarms communicate with each other using radio signals that allow a master sounder/flasher to sound the alarm when a linked device is triggered. On activation of the unit the powerful 118dBA siren will begin to sound. Often main building contractors will engage the services of a specialist security company like Titan Security to assess security risks on a building site, produce a strategic plan and supply a range of services to mitigate any issues identified. It is worth remembering building sites are also vulnerable to internal security threats such as theft carried out by people authorised to work there. Typical applications include temporary structures such as marquees or building sites where the requirement for a fire system is constantly changing. However, a responsible person (or person appointed by the responsible person) can carry out testing of the fire alarm system after being trained to do so correctly.

A home CCTV system is a great option for providing peace of mind, particularly when away from the property, and ensures loved ones and possessions are kept safe. So you will have the peace of mind you are always covered by Alpha Fire Alarms Ltd. As part of a strategic security plan, in addition to manned guarding services, we will always consider, advise on and even supply everything needed to enhance the physical security of a construction site. CCTV and intruder alarms will in addition detect and aid a response and locks will delay entry. Trigger an alarm are a useful addition to construction site security. Members of the public are also seriously injured on a regular basis by falling into trenches; being struck by moving vehicles or plant, or by tools or materials falling outside of the boundary of the site. By its very nature, a construction site inevitably becomes a store for valuable tools, machinery and materials. With pricey materials out of sight, thieves are less likely to take the risk and try a break-in. If you are seeking tailored guidance on securing a construction site in line with the individual risks you have identified, Barry Bros Security can provide the assistance you need.

See BBC Guidance on assessing competence for electrical work. The excellent rapport we maintain with local law enforcement agencies allows us to work with them closely to optimize security on construction sites. Shockingly, each year, two or three children die after gaining access to construction sites and many more sustain injuries. The larger the site, the more this becomes an issue due to the physical area that needs to be secured and the complexity of guarding it. For this reason, it is imperative the security force report any activity that occurs due to an emergency incident causing future hazards to personnel or unnecessary damage to property. We have seen a rapid growth of installed automatic fire detection (AFD) and automatic fire alarm (AFA) systems due to their success in providing an early warning in the event of a fire, saving lives and limiting property damage. This strategy will ensure that if an intruder does overcome a physical layer, they will be further impeded by detection methods that will prompt a response. Construction site security should incorporate a variety of physical measures, i.e. fences, barriers, gates, secure storage facilities and bollards; and technical measures including CCTV, security lighting, access control and intruder detection systems.

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