Both the Evacuator and Rapidfire product lines feature wireless technology. Burglaries but is also a great safety feature for construction sites. We know that every construction site will differ in terms of its location, size, type and duration of work, so there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to site safety and security. Criminals count on your reluctance to accept that every site is a crime scene waiting to happen. A qualified security team can better place surveillance systems to ensure they cover the site effectively while being seen (but not harmed) by criminals. A sign that shows that the site is being monitored, with CCTV, will deter them from committing the act as there is more chance that they will get caught and arrested. CCTV cameras can be integrated with motion sensor alarms as well as security lights that get activated as soon as an intrusion is detected, recording it all in action. There are many options when it comes to CCTV cameras for construction sites. Without effective security measures, construction sites are easy targets for thieves and vandals.

They’re a valuable tool for spotting incidents as they arise, as well as providing evidence to pursue and ultimately convict thieves and vandals. Providing security for these construction sites is an absolute necessity since the inability to do so may provide easy access to criminals, consequently putting the entire project and its success at risk. Depending on the best option for your construction site, you may opt for audible or silent alarms for security. LED lights are an excellent option that is not just energy-efficient and durable, but also provides instant lighting that can be very beneficial when used for security purposes. There are many, but essentially, the better the security is managed, the safer your construction site is. This, coupled with the open nature of the construction sites make them an attractive as well as an easy target for thieves who will often be found returning to the same site to attempt further theft. Unfortunately, security for a temporary construction site is necessary due to vandalism and theft. Construction site theft is fairly common due to the large amounts of valuable materials and equipment that provides thieves with a quick and easy profit. This page has answers to frequently asked questions about temporary construction site security and preventing theft and vandalism.

How do you prevent extra costs and delays in your project as the consequence of theft or vandalism? DETECTER itself has been sup­port­ing the secu­ri­ty and pro­tec­tion of sev­er­al High­ways of Eng­land Schemes and also the mas­sive Cross­Rail con­struc­tion project at Padding­ton Sta­tion, com­pris­ing five storeys, most­ly under­ground, with 83 HD CCTV cam­eras, smart ana­lyt­ics ‘vir­tu­al’ trip­wires, and onsite monitoring. CCTV monitoring. Maintenance. Manned guarding. Professional alarm monitoring is ideal for construction sites, especially those that are large-scale and located in isolated areas. However, these are unsuitable for larger sites where it may be difficult for everyone on the site to hear the alarm. Your site may have experienced a few small-scale thefts but “not enough” to force a security review. The video-enabled alarm units have 24/7 real-time connection to a BS-EN50518 accredited ARC (alarm receiving centre). The security personnel have 3 minutes to cancel the alarm following their investigation. So it would wise to have a fire self-protection system installed upon move around in. The Millennium Security fire detection system is a wireless, battery-powered radio link solution that protects your premises from the unthinkable.

You can’t offer a solution for something without knowing what the problem is, can you? Can therefore offer further vantage points for viewing. This range of equipment are split into 3 product groups starting with the entry level sitemaster range which are battery powered units which can be connected together with cables to form a much larger system. This Guide provides clarity on the technical and practical requirements of BS 7671:2018 The IET Wiring Regulations 18th Edition and BS 7909:2011 Code of Practice for temporary electrical systems for entertainment and related purposes that are relevant to all those working with temporary power systems. There are many domestic CCTV systems on the market to help you protect your home. If it is a wall or fence around the construction area, you are not wrong. The industry also involves a significant workforce, many of whom can be rendered vulnerable by inefficient security measures on construction sites.

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