Temporary Construction Security Following the results of a fire risk assessment, the management was advised to provide some form of automatic fire detection within the cabins and the areas of high risk such as the kitchen and power station. In addition to stealing tools and machinery, another high-value product that is particularly popular among thieves is the fuel that is used to power generators and vehicles across the site. Ensures your site is protected as it progresses. Some systems are also monitored live by individuals experienced in law enforcement who can directly address site suspects and contact the authorities. Monitored alarms provide the highest level of construction site security and involve the sensors being linked to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) manned by professionals where the alarms are first verified and, depending on the type of contract – keyholder or police response – the relevant people or authorities are contacted right away. They work using a series of sensors that may include motion, infrared, ultrasonic, microwave, magnetic, photoelectric, and glass-break detectors, that go off as soon as an intrusion is detected and may either set off a loud siren with flashing lights or simply send an alert to the site manager, supervisor, and the authorities to take action.

Regular maintenance visits are carried out by a Millennium Security engineer to reassess the requirements of your developing site. Working with the professionals roots out every potential risk to your site while covering every base a criminal might exploit. Our construction site security systems help site owners and developers comply with the health and safety implications of unauthorised entry onto building sites. Nowadays developers have ‘duty of care’ obligations should the site be entered by juveniles. Access control solutions ensure that only authorised personnel can enter and exit your construction site. We specialize in remote-monitored video surveillance solutions for residential and commercial construction sites, and we provide professional security personnel to guard utility infrastructure sites, equipment yards, scrap and recycling yards, and more. Construction security is an important consideration for site operators who must comply with health and safety legislation around unauthorised entry onto building sites, as well as keep their workforce and passers-by safe. Bright lighting illuminates sites, which are otherwise vast dark spaces with many smaller structures inside them – the perfect environment for criminals to operate unseen. LED lights are an excellent option that is not just energy-efficient and durable, but also provides instant lighting that can be very beneficial when used for security purposes.

Temporary Fire Alarm Systems Construction site theft is fairly common due to the large amounts of valuable materials and equipment that provides thieves with a quick and easy profit. Working with the professionals combines cutting-edge technology with practical human experience to keep your site safe 24/7 under any contingency. To make perimeter security the most effective, you may keep the site under 24-hours surveillance via monitored CCTV cameras and security alarm systems that are quick to detect intrusions and provide full coverage, leaving no blind spots and vulnerabilities. We know that every construction site will differ in terms of its location, size, type and duration of work, so there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to site safety and security. And for that reason, it isn’t just important to implement construction site security but do implement the right construction site security. They include the site being used by people to commit suicide, by protestors campaigning against the project, and to access other nearby buildings. Construction sites may also fall target to vandalism, arson, and deliberate damage by people just wanting to cause damage and destruction, or by people opposing the project for personal, commercial, or political reasons. Fuel theft is difficult to trace and can be extremely costly to construction since none of the machines can operate without it, and stealing it may cause damage to the fuel tanks which may delay the project.

Construction site security can be particularly tricky since the layout keeps evolving as the project is being developed, changing it in size, value, and the people who may need access to the building on a regular basis. Making sure that a temporary fire alarm system is used on-site while the construction phase of a project is happening, and the permanent solution is waiting to be installed, is essential. Before working on making the site secure, you need to determine the level of security required and the extent of the threats faced, which is best achieved through a risk assessment of the construction site. Every construction site is different with unique security needs. At Calder Security, we understand the unique needs and requirements of different types of properties including construction sites and provide a comprehensive security solution that includes not just professional installation of security systems but also their monitoring, maintenance, and repair.

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