Vavant Property Security Barrier fencing will conduct all traffic on foot or vehicular, to a single point of entry that will be constantly monitored to make sure that all access is authorised access. This is normally achieved through installation of adequate barrier fencing around the perimeter. The following is an overview of the major security fencing types available in the UK along with their specific uses and benefits. Operational security is the essential human overview. Operational detection provides an increased level of deterrence for threats and normally includes patrolling security guards or on-site security teams, however, this can be costly and introduces a risk of threat to human life and wellbeing. It is worth remembering building sites are also vulnerable to internal security threats such as theft carried out by people authorised to work there. We cater for all sites from large developments for companies such as Barratt, Wilmott Dixon and Bovis right through to small developments including single house builds.

Temporary System Systems During the Christmas period, your sites could be vulnerable to arson attacks and damage caused by bad weather conditions. Fuel stores should also be adequately protected, to prevent both theft and possible use as part of an arson attack. Our construction site security guards are able to work well as part of a team. As well as providing an excellent visual deterrent, our dogs are trained to indicate to the dog handler the presence of potential intruders on or around your site. Construction Site Security – what does it help prevent? We offer free advise and design to help our clients meet the current Scottish standards. Here at Protect & Detect, we offer a comprehensive fire alarm installation and maintenance service, fitting a range of the most advanced fire alarm technology in commercial premises throughout Ipswich, Norwich, Colchester and the wider areas. Under the new regulations, by 1st February 2022 every home in Scotland must meet the ‘Tolerable Standard’ by having smoke alarms in every circulation space, smoke alarms in the rooms most frequently used, a heat alarm in the kitchen and a Carbon Monoxide alarm where there is a fuel burning appliance or flue. We have 47 years experience installing wired and wireless fire alarms panel systems, smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors and tamper proof long-life lithium battery alarms.

We estimate that the cost for an average three bedroom house which requires three smoke alarms, one heat alarm and one carbon monoxide detector will be around £220. At Titan Security, we are often engaged to provide mobile security patrols to respond to security alarm triggers. In addition to rapid reaction duties we can provide security patrols that will monitor a construction site during vulnerable times such as after dark. Using cutting-edge technology gives our clients options that can reduce costs while enhancing security. Here at the Fire Protection Shop we stock temporary fire alarms ranging from higher technology interconnected products, to manually operated fire horns and fire triangles, making it possible for you to make the correct choice whether you are running a music festival or construction site, or simply going camping. We have 42 years experience in fire protection systems. This guidance refers to them as the ‘data protection laws’. We provide guidance for private landlords.

There should be a number of construction site security measures in place to make opportunistic thieves think twice about attempting a breach. To best deter an opportunistic thief, visible security measures should be implemented on-site. A dedicated and vastly experienced security company like Titan Security, involved from planning stage through to implementation is the best way prevent the cost and inconvenience that theft and other illegal activity can cause. Often main building contractors will engage the services of a specialist security company like Titan Security to assess security risks on a building site, produce a strategic plan and supply a range of services to mitigate any issues identified. The Sears company acted quickly and obtained the full distribution rights for the home smoke detector. We provide a full design service for your domestic. We deliver fire alarm systems which comply with BS5839 for home or domestic dwelling and BS5839 for commercial and industrial environments. Trigger an alarm are a useful addition to construction site security. Your building site security will depend on multiple factors such as hours of work, points of entry, the storage and location of valuable assets, and the flow of traffic around your site. Our staff can monitor access points like gates.